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Lisa Prall

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: John F. Miller School
School District: Clark County School District
City, State: Las Vegas, NV

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Lisa Prall was nominated by her colleague, Ryan DeVries, who submitted the nomination on behalf of their assistant principal, Angela Pajak. 

Ms. Prall is a veteran teacher within Clark County School District who personifies the meaning of dedication. She takes pride in her ability to make connections to students with multiple impairments and who are non-verbal by watching and listening to their communicative intents. Ms. Prall believes in the full potential of each student and works hard to bring the best out of them. She has a heart of gold and fearlessly advocates for her students.

Ms. Prall has an exceptional ability to work with students with the most demanding health needs and family situations. She gives her all and routinely uses her own means to supplement instruction with unique materials for her students and staff. Ms. Prall also values her team of paraprofessionals and acknowledges their hard work and dedication to the students. She is successful because of her collaborative nature. She has been a leader among her peers as a School Organizational Team member for the past four years. Ms. Prall embraces her roles and responsibilities and makes a positive difference for students, families, and staff at every turn.

Ms. Prall is not one to go out and seek validation from others. She is patiently on time for meetings, waiting as other staff members come in for meetings or presentations. Ms. Prall presents during Staff Development Day on areas of expertise and attends national and state conferences to further her knowledge of students with exceptional needs. She is a mentor to new teachers and can be counted on for teacher leader duties on the school campus. She is friendly, courteous, and a treasure to have on campus as a teacher.

Ms. Prall has the experience and the ability to communicate effectively under pressure and in situations others may find challenging. She works tirelessly on a daily basis to build relationships and trust with all of her students' families. Ms. Prall leads our Blue and Gold Committee, which routinely celebrates and acknowledges staff. She continually seeks ideas on how to provide individualized and appropriate instruction to her students.

Comments (12)

Glenn R Davis Posted over a year ago

My grandson, Xander, is a totally dependent student at Miller where Lisa teaches. She had Xander for three years and was absolutely wonderful with him. He is very fond of her. During the Pandemic she had what many of us believe should have been the Model Remote Teaching Program for the entire District If not the Country. The Program was nothing short of amazing. Xander's Grandmother and I worked with him through the entire time, He actually enjoyed it very much as did Grandma and I. She is 1000 % dedicated to her Students and Her Profession.

Darci Gibson Posted over a year ago

Lisa is a dedicated educator that has the utmost care, compassion and respect for her students. She sees their abilities and passionately encourages them. Lisa is a wonderful mentor to all teachers and continuously seeks out new teaching practices to share with others on campus. She is a valuable part of this community and deserves many accolades.

Jeanette Hommerson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Lisa is hands down the best teacher we've encountered to date for our son. From the first day that our son was placed in Ms. Lisa's classroom, we've experienced some things that we didn't ever think we'd experience through our son. He's animated when he hears her voice. He interacts in a way that makes everyone around him smile when she's around him. She always communicates with us about the day-to-day activities with our son. When our school district was experiencing virtual learning, Ms. Lisa was the best teacher for the situation. She made sure all her students had the materials on a regular basis that they were accustomed to using. She provided one-on-one support for the parents and grandparents that had to learn a whole new way of participating in their children's daily school life. Every therapist my son works with has conveyed that they felt she was the most involved teacher during the virtual learning experience. It isn't easy to completely convey how much of a shining light Ms, Lisa is not only to her students but to the families of her students as well. We have been so blessed with having her in our lives. If any one person deserves this honour, in my opinion, that person is Lisa Prall.

Katrina Escalera Posted over a year ago

Lisa is an incredible educator and person who truly cares about her students, families, and the whole staff. She runs the sunshine committee for the school and helps to support and celebrate the whole staff through major life events. She gets to school at 5:00 every morning to prep, prepare and plan for her class and the whole school. She supports other teachers and offers training and examples to support other teachers in their practice and is always available to help answer questions from anyone who asks. She loves her students and really works to build a connection with each one and provide them opportunities to grow in so many ways. She is an asset to our school and anyone who knows her!

Shelly Santoro, PT Posted over a year ago

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ms. Prall. For starters, she is so positive. She loves her support staff (therapists) and shows that by greeting us with a smile and a cheerful and spirited "hello!" or "Awesome! You're here!". She is quick to ask questions about how to help her students and every single day she follows through with those recommendations given. Because she is so dedicated in working therapy programs into her educational programming, every single student in her classroom has made incredible progress. Under her dutiful watch, her first year of teaching at JF Miller, she was able to change a student's positioning PERMANENTLY. This student I am referencing was always curled forward, head down, eyes down and couldn't tolerate lying on her back because of vestibular issues. Lisa picked our therapist brains and got to work. She worked a vestibular program into the student's program every single day and although I'm sure by the time the student got home she was exhausted, she also could hold her head upright by herself! This set the stage for independent sitting, which was achieved over the pandemic and then was further built upon by sitting and activating an AAC device independently. The head positioning that this student was able to achieve has carried over and the student CONTINUES to be able to hold her head upright and tolerate lying on her back. This is just one example of how Ms. Prall changes lives...she does this with every single one of her students. Every classroom that I serve, I give recommendations, but Ms. Prall takes them as if they are a prescription for student health and follows through, unwaveringly. Not only has she helped students find new motor skills, she has also helped them find their voices, by believing that they have communication inside them, and that with the right access, we can release it. She has helped countless students learn to communicate in the time I've been working with her at JF Miller and because of this she has changed the way the parents see the students as well. She ups the expectations and as a result, the kids rise to those expectations and it sets the stage for future teachers who receive students from Ms. Prall's classroom to expect more as well. Ms. Prall is an awesome mentor. She coaches other teachers and helps anyone who is willing to ask. She is a giver and a cheerful soul and she is a delight to have in the building. She is in the building before anyone arrives, including the sun (she typically arrives by 5am) and she is there long after everyone leaves. She puts her heart and soul into her job and it shows. She has been always kind and cheerful to me and is a dream to work with. I'm so honored to comment on Ms. Prall's profile because she truly is and has been a LIFE CHANGER, for so many!

Nicole Bartholomew Posted over a year ago

I have worked on and off with Lisa Prall over the last 20 years. She has always gone above and beyond for her students. She always has their best interest at heart. She is over the social committee also at her school and does an awesome job. I am so happy that she was nominated and hope she wins! Thank you Lisa for all you do for the students and staff!!!!! You Rock!!!!

Linda Loftfield Posted over a year ago

Lisa Prall was my grandson's teacher for 4 years. He turned 15 this year so he moved on to another teacher. We meaning my son and I are so appreciative of her years of kindness dedication and caring for Adien Kisner.He loved going to school. She always told us how his day went.. This school is amazing in part due to Lisa Prall.We feel so lucky for her having been his teacher. Adien would smile when he heard her voice. I hope she gets this award,she really deserves it!

Megan Phillips Posted over a year ago

One of our finest teachers here at John F Miller. She loves her job and her students. She is very supportive of the staff and always willing to go the extra mile. Outstanding Educator!

Shane Warner Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa as the occupational therapist in her room for over 5 years. I've never met a more dedicated, thoughtful, and humble teacher. Lisa is the first one to the building every morning but the last one to toot her own horn. When families get Lisa as a teacher for one of their students, they never want them to move on at the end of the school year because of the progress their student has made while in her classroom. Caring defines Lisa. She arrives extremely early in the morning because she cares about the students and wants to prepare her day so that everything is perfect for her students and everything is well thought out. I ask that you seriously consider her for the Lifechanger of the Year Award.

Cecy Hansen Posted over a year ago

Ms. Prall has an exceptional ability to work with students with the most demanding health needs and family situations, she’s amazing with everything she does. Her dedication to the school is exceptional

Michael Abbs Posted over a year ago

Lisa Prall is certainly one of the most passionate and caring teachers I have ever witnessed. Her positive energy, patience and joy around our special needs daughter was transformational for Tristyn’s social and mental development. During Covid , Lisa made learning at home fun and always interesting. She certainly has helped change our daughters life and touched the hearts and lives of many others students for sure. She is simply amazing and we were blessed to have her be our daughters teacher over multiple years. She is well deserving of this award. We love you Lisa!! Leah, Mike and Tristyn Abbs

Ruby Randolph-Smith Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lisa I can't express how you changed Aquanetta life. You are so hardworking and dedicated to making sure Aquanetta is well taken care of. I always say let me ask Mrs. Lisa before a decision is made on Aquanetta behalf. You once told me you love Aquanetta like she's your own that made me cry because she have had numerous of teachers none of them have ever express this. Aquanetta use to cry when the school bus came for school we never understood why i later learned she wasn't happy. She started at Miller you became her teacher the bus would pull up Aquanetta would laugh and clap just so happy. I thank you so much Mrs. Lisa from the bottom of my heart you are one in a million. From a special needs mom I'm honored you are being honored without you I don't know what the outcome will be for Aquanetta. Congratulations Mrs. Lisa