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Caitlin Sotelo

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Garden City Achieve
School District: Garden City Public Schools
City, State: Garden City, KS

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Caitlin Sotelo was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"I have only been working with Ms. Sotelo for this school year, but I can already see how incredibly dedicated she is to her students," said the colleague. "Ms. Sotelo is here super early every morning, and she often stays super late, as well. She is very innovative in her classroom, working with students who have more specific needs than the average kid. She is a teacher, mom figure, friend, therapist, and a million other people to each of her students. I've never seen someone handle such a tough job with such grace. I would argue that she's easily one of the hardest-working and most dedicated teachers I've ever seen in all my years of education. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication to her students. There aren't many teachers like Ms. Sotelo, and her students and our building are so lucky to have her."

Comments (3)

Paula Bensman Posted 12 months ago

Caitlin Sotelo is an awesome teacher. Especially with special needs students. Her students are such a big part of her life and they have taught her patience & love & compassion just as she has taught them the same. She has taught them that they can learn even when they think they can’t. It may not be in a conventional way, but she will keep trying until she finds a way that shows them that they are special and they can learn. It may not be in the same way as their friends or peers but they can do it in their own way. Through the years she has learned that not every student is the same or learns the same way, so she often has to make different lesson plans & different ways of teaching every student the same thing in a different way. Teaching is not just a job or a way to make money for her (which it does also), but it is her calling in life. Caitlin Sotelo you are a very special person & one I have had the privilege & pleasure of being a part of your life. I hope you know how much you are cared for and admired and looked up to as a teacher, friend, colleague and every other aspect of your life.

Christopher Posted over a year ago

Caitlin is a rare gem in education. Her love for special education drives her motivation and dedication. She supports other teachers and always gets out of her way to help despite her hectic schedule. We appreciate you, Caitlin! We are fortunate to have you around!

Matt Posted over a year ago

The commitment Caitlin demonstrates when it comes to her role as an educator is truly exceptional. She takes it upon herself to offer unparalleled support to her students, which is evident in every aspect of her teaching.