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Robyn Zipes

Position: Seventh and Eighth Grade Teacher
School: Navo Middle School
School District: Denton Independent School District
City, State: Aubrey, TX

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Robyn Zipes' nominator would like to remain anonymous.

"Ms. Zipes is one of the best teachers I have ever had," said the nominator. "She shows a true passion for her job and her students. Ms. Zipes provides a safe and welcoming environment for her students, both past and present, that they might not have elsewhere. Her class curriculum covers tough subjects like child and animal abuse, domestic violence, and poverty. Ms. Zipes can educate her class on these topics while creating a safe place for her students to come forward and share their own experiences with abuse and poverty."

While also teaching 7th and 8th grade, Ms. Zipes is the cheer coach and Student Council advisor. Her extracurricular work allows her to connect deeply with several students not taking her class. Ms. Zipes is affectionately referred to as "Mama Zipes" by most of her students, which shows that she holds a vital, almost parental role. Her role in her students' lives is life-changing. Several of her past students have reached out and explained her impact on their lives. During her 16 years at Navo Middle School, Ms. Zipes fostered a welcoming community for not only her students, but any student that came to her door. 

Comments (4)

WENDY LYNN MADONNA Posted over a year ago

Robyn Zipes is the kind of teacher you want to influence and teach your student. She's warm, friendly, passionate about her job and knows how to positively connect to her students. My daughter despised most of her teachers in MS but Ms. Zipes was hailed a "hero" in my student eyes because she encouraged her and supported her through tough classwork. She listened to her students challenges, let them eat lunch in her classroom and always offered support when they needed it most. I am forever grateful for the influence she had on my student because there were so many teachers at the school that left a negative impact. Robyn is the BEST of the BEST in my eyes because she could balance the academic and emotional needs of each student individually. She has my vote for LifeChanger of the Year because she's exceptional and the real deal!

Autumn Vance Posted over a year ago

Robyn is not only the best teacher but the best cheer mom ever!! She always gives 100% into everything she does, no matter what. We love Robbie <3

Ashlin Stephens Posted over a year ago

Ms. Zipes is one of the most compassionate, caring and loving people ever. She was my teacher all throughout middle school and I truly wouldn’t have been able to get through it without her. She was always there for me both with my academics and in life in general. I struggled a lot with my mental health in middle school and she gave me countless tools and support to help me get through this hard time. She truly loves her job and all of her kids and it shows every single day and in everything she does. Her class was always one of the most inviting and welcoming places for every single person in her school. I couldn’t think of a more deserving person than her to win this award.

Tonie Auer Posted over a year ago

I’ve never met a more caring teacher! Robyn is invested in these students & always calls them “my kids” with great affection. She is tough, but fair & these students know that she cares & values each one of them regardless of their backgrounds. She has a special love for the kids who would otherwise slip through the cracks. She’s real & honest with them & they appreciate that. What a world this would be if more teachers were like her!