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Keisha Ballard

Position: Paraprofessional
School: P.S. 198 Isador E. Ida Straus
School District: New York City Department of Education #2
City, State: Manhattan , NY

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Keisha Ballard was nominated by her colleague, Marisa Bischof.

"I teach second grade, and Keisha Ballard is a paraprofessional at my school," said Bischof. "This is my 2nd year working with Keisha. I always noticed she was caring and kind, but this year, she did something amazing."

"My co-teacher and I have a student who we loved having in our class. She is a sweet, hardworking student," said Bischof. "However, she didn't have good attendance and missed many days in September. We were also informed she missed over 100 days in first grade. Child protective services became involved, and our student and her sister were taken out of their mother's custody. They were staying in a center, and everyone felt heartbroken for them."

"Keisha took both girls in and became their foster parent," said Bischof. "Now we have seen the student in our class coming to school every day. She can build social connections with peers and make academic progress. Keisha's selflessness has changed those two little girls' lives. She has made a difference in their lives that they will never forget. Keisha is an inspiration to me, and I'm grateful my student was so fortunate to have her in her life."

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Gary Townsend Posted over a year ago

I have known Ms. Keisha Ballard for her entire life. I have personally witnessed Ms. Ballard be the most loving, caring, kindest person you will ever meet. Keisha has a very soft side for her loved ones and also for those who are just entering her life. She’s very understanding and sympathetic to people’s needs. Very intelligent and trustworthy. There is no task Keisha can’t accomplish. I am so honored to have you in my life and very thankful you are part of my loving family. So congratulations and keep up the good work cousin. You are definitely a life changer!!!!! I love you!!!!

Natasha LaFontaine Posted over a year ago

I found myself repeatedly coming back to this post. I am still finding it extremely difficult to capture and express the difference Ms. Keisha Ballard has made, not only in my life but for many individuals who have crossed her path. She is the most selfless, loving and caring person I have ever met. Her impact on those around her is inspirational. She has touched and changed the lives of colleagues, students, friends, and family. With ever conversation we have, I am left compelled by her wisdom, inspired and challenged in the most positive way. She is so deserving of this award. Keisha, you are a life changer and saver! Congratulations on your nomination!

Jordan Posted over a year ago

Keisha is the one of the most kindest and loving person you will ever met! She is compassionate towards others and is always setting a great example! She deserves this award!!!!

Bishop Keith Wright Posted over a year ago

I have known Keisha Ballard since she was a young girl. It’s been my pleasure to have been her Pastor for these many years. Keisha, has always been a respectful and caring person. I’m so proud of the women she has become. It’s no surprise to me that she would be nominated for this Life Changing award. She has always went beyond and above her duties to help anyone that’s in need. I pray many more blessings upon her life!

Dennise Garcia Posted over a year ago

Keisha is the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever met. Always supportive, asking me if I was okay or offering me candy. Keisha, your help was always appreciated. You truly deserve this nomination. Miss you!!

Naziah Wilson Posted over a year ago

Dear Mom, It took me some time to write this, and I apologize for the wait. Truth be told at the time I first heard about this thread I didn’t know what I would say. I could talk about how much of an amazing mother you are, but that would be so cliché. I could maybe share a story about one of the corporal punishments I got that would make the chat light up, or talk about the way you nurtured and loved me and my appreciation for that. I even thought of expressing how much watching you grow as a mom, wife. and educator motivates me to be the best version of myself. All of these things have shaped the way I envision my life and choose to live it. The foundation you have built for the generations to come will hold up a hundred times over. The one thing above all else that graces you to stand where you are firmly, with ten toes down is your level of faith. With this message I hope to put a microscope on a part of you that some have gotten a glimpse of, others may not have, and few actually know. This is not just a nomination but a designation by God. #heavy The thing that allows you to be the light that you are in the rooms you step into is the spirt you have; one that I know must be replenished daily with the struggles of life I’ve seen you face. You are one of Gods strongest warriors and have been blessed with the talents you have in the work that you do. I aspire to grow/become the leader and powerhouse you are. After 15 years of hard work and dedication this is just merely a taste of the fruits of your labor. So congratulations to you on your designation mom it is well deserved. Love, Naz

Deja Lake Posted over a year ago

Keisha is one of the most loving and caring people I’ve have ever Met! She’s a gift to anyone she crosses path with. A amazing person all around!! I am honored and blessed to have Keisha in my life! She deserve this Lifechanger award!!! I Loveee You So Much!

Kori Posted over a year ago

Keisha is the definition of a life changer. Her compassion, selflessness, and dedication makes her deserving of this honor.

Michael Womble Posted over a year ago

Before I worked with Keisha, her reputation of who she was and how great she was far preceded her. Her impact in the community is unmatched and holds no bounds. Her passion and devotion to the community is shown in many ways particularly through the reading program she implemented to assist students who were below reading grade level. Through this reading program students are able to achieve reaching their reading level or excelling past it. To the adults and parents, she is personable and informative - a true Mensch. Keisha has this energy that is always positive and contagious. She is a true blessing to everyone who encounters her. I know no one more fit or deserving than Keisha to win this award.

Belkis Gomez Posted over a year ago

Keisha congratulación!!! Ms. Keisha is so amazing. We have worked together for over 20 years and she has been consistent in who she is all these years. Keisha is kind, humble, supportive and dedicated to all she is tasked with. I have seen Keisha give of herself in ways indescribable. Keisha has helped me grow as a colleague and as a person. When I am low, Keisha brightness my day with her smile and words of encouragement. When I’m stuck, she is a voice of reason. When I question myself, her words of encouragement makes me attempt to fly beyond my limitations. Keisha is every bit of amazing. There is truly no words to capture the essence of who Keisha is. Keisha has already won this award in many ways but winning tangibly she is so deserving of. To my amazing co-worker, congratulacions!!!!

M. Edwards Posted over a year ago

This nomination for Lifechanger of the year award could not have gone to a more deserving person. I have known Keisha since a teen and she has always been a extremely caring and giving person. She has made a positive impact on friends and family spirituallly and emotionally always giving even if she really didn't have it to give. She has truly been a Lifechanger as long as I have known her. Congratulations to her on this well deserved nomination.

Adowa Posted over a year ago

I’ve known Keisha for over 40 years. She is not just my friend, she is family. She has become a significant part of my life. The love and kindness she displays is very real and natural. She is beautiful inside and out. Keisha will not hesitate to come to your aid and assist you with a problem. She is encouraging and very supportive. I am not surprised that Kisha stepped in and did what she knew she had to do for her students. Keisha is invaluable!!

Kendra Bailey Posted over a year ago

My son attended P.s.198 back in 2015. The school and myself noticed that he needed extra support academic wise but most importantly emotionally followed by having an IEP. Ms. Keisha was then paired with my child one on one and has been a life changer. There's so many great things I can say about her. She's sweet,supportive, patient, consistent, loving, caring,very hardworking not with just my child with others as well. She has taken my son in as her own and even till this day. She tried different ways to make my son feel comfortable with her and knew when to give him his space when he had a melt down. She has been successful until he graduated. When my son graduated I knew I had to fill her heart up with the same love she has given us for the years she has worked with him. I purchased a heart pendant necklace with they picture on it and engraved in the back was "Best Para Eva" I stand on that till this day and I am very grateful she gets to see our boy still grow and successed now that my daughter attends 198. Ms. Keisha you are very much appreciated and it will not go unnoticed, continue being you and the best Para that you can to the students that you have. We will always love you and congratulations you deserve it!!!

Jackqueline Hiss Posted over a year ago

Keisha is one of the most Beautiful Sounds that I have ever heard. She is a beaming light and everyone who knows her has become better in some shape or form. She has a strong voice and I noticed at a very young age that she discovered her true worth and since that time she been unstoppable!! Anything that Keisha is involved in , Family Community, and Church you best believe it will be remarkable. She is definitely our Angel and with GOD all things are possible!! She is very deserving of this honor.

Promisse Posted over a year ago

You may call her Keisha but to me she is “Mom” or “Maa” when I’m trying to butter her up. When Ma first came into my life I knew she was god sent , the way she treated me as if I was one of her own from the start. I love how big her heart is & how she’s willing to help ANYBODY no matter the situation if she can help she’s going to help. I’m honestly blessed to have her in my corner as somebody I know I can count on & Vise versa EVERYTHING YOU DO IS SEEN & APPRECIATED !! I love you so much thank you for playing a major part in not only my life but my growth as well , you deserve this nomination & more for everything you’ve done that hasn’t been seen !!??

Lisa Hodge Posted over a year ago

I've known Keisha ever since our children were students at P.S. 198 together (they are adults now) and I have always been in awe of her! She is so inspirational and possesses a level of humanity, spirituality and wholeheartedness that is very hard to come by all in one person. I've only witnessed great things from this wonderful woman, everything from the way she was raising her son, to her volunteerism at the school and the way she treated everyone in the school community and beyond, to her work ethic, to the way she carries herself and now to becoming a foster parent. I can go on and on. What a class act!!!!! Keisha is definitely deserving of becoming Lifechanger of the Year. She has changed so many lives already! Way to go Keish!

Lashona F Posted over a year ago

The act of being generous is to give more to others than you are expected to give. Keisha has exemplified this in more ways than I can imagine. It takes a caring and selfless person to stand up and do what she has for these young girls. Keisha is very passionate about her students and is very proud to be able to share with them her knowledge of being an educator in order to help them grow. I’ve known Keisha for over twenty years, and her compassion to lift people up has only increased. Keisha is deserving of this nomination, but she is more deserving to WIN!. Congratulations Keish!!

Andre Posted over a year ago

Keisha’s impact on the community as well as the people she comes in contact with is amazing. Her energy is positive at all times and can brighten anyones day. She is caring and supportive. There is no one deserving of this award as much as Keisha.

Rachel Ewell Posted over a year ago

What can I say… this lady is absolutely selfless, she gives so much and expects nothing in return I’ve seen her share her life and home with many, she give her time her support her love with many I’ve watched her over the years nature and love her children to end. I love Mrs Ballard-McNiel with my heart and soul, my life don’t work without her, I’m fighting back tears just thinking about what she means to me and our family. She’s simply amazing, she deserves any and every honor awarded to her. She’s impacted my life and my family life in so many wonderful ways. She’s been my life changer since I’ve know her for 30+ years now. I love you Keisha. And super excited for what’s in store for you. Congratulations ??

Sharon Jeffrey Roebuck Posted over a year ago

Keisha was a caring patient and an active parent in her son’s class. I observed her on class trips ,school store and volunteer parent at recess. She would not only address her sons needs ; she became involved with other students with a warm hello or just helping with just being a mediator to solve an issue with another student. I approached her and explained that I noticed the potential she has with students and I needed her in the community. She smiled and accepted the opportunity to become a Paraprofessional. She has never disappointed the school community. Whatever class she was assigned; she sat in on class planning with the teachers; she went above and beyond with her assignments.She was a liaison with the students and parents. I have never regretted my decision to allow Keisha to enhance the community with her loving caring and collegial spirit. Former Principal Sharon Jeffrey Roebuck

Elias Saber-Khiabani Posted over a year ago

Throughout my 7 years at P.S. 198M, I’ve witnessed Keisha demonstrate time and time again her leadership skills, her commitment to the academic and social-emotional well-being of each student, her generous heart, and her selfless spirit. It comes as no surprise to me that Keisha decided to foster these two students from our school community, and that they are now prospering as a result. This example truly underscores the kind of person Keisha is—someone who cares and feels deeply, someone who uplifts, someone who truly leaves an indelible impact on every person she meets. Her dedication to and positive impact on these two girls make Keisha more than deserving of being recognized as LifeChanger of the Year!

Dr. Charlise Vincent Posted over a year ago

Kiesha has always had a caring heart. Kiesha act of love and kindness has shown Us to not leave one behind. It’s never too late to help one another. Kiesha, you have changed lives by demonstrating what the world needs now. Thank you for paying it forward and helping. Me when I called on you. Congratulations Kid I leave you with this. Continue, Continue and Never Quit. Dr. Vincent

Nathaniel Posted over a year ago

I have seen Keisha devote her life to selfless acts to support and help others. She has impacted numerous people some of whom she directly supported but most importantly to those who have witnessed her devotion to helping others.

Linda Shkreli Posted over a year ago

Keisha, Keisha, Keisha! We all need and love a little Keisha in our day. I have had the pleasure of working with Keisha for the last 7 years. Our relationship has grown through open and honest communication alongside warm and friendly banter. Her upbeat and welcoming demeanor is recognized and appreciated amongst staff, students and families alike. Her infectious smile and encouraging words are sought out by many children each morning. Our school community has been and continues to be lucky to have such a positive, strong, and some might even say fierce, woman as a role model for so many young and impressionable children.

Justina Jordan Posted over a year ago

I'm honored to have the opportunity to tell how much Keisha has changed my life. When I was 18 years old, my sister allowed me to stay in her home when I was trying to figure out life. That was the best time of my life. I grew so much as a person and I'm so grateful to have a sister like her. She has the best heart and her love is magical. I appreciate you alm for recognizing her one of God's angels.

Dr. Ian Levy Posted over a year ago

Keisha Ballard is one of the most dedicated educators I have ever met. Her willingness to seek support, obtain external resources, and develop new programming to meet students' needs is unparalleled. As a professor, I've witnessed Keisha grapple with educational theory and lead class discussions about transforming schools. Keisha is the truth, and absolutely a life changer.

Melissa Posted over a year ago

Keisha deserves this award and so much more! She truly cares about everyone and extends herself just to make sure she is helping someone. Whomever has the pleasure to know her is truly blessed!

Christa Wixon Posted over a year ago

As I am new to the community, I have only known Keisha for a few months now. But in those short months, she has become a friend, and a big inspiration to me. Keisha brightens every one’s day with her bubbly personality, and enthusiasm. Every day Keisha is there to greet me with a big smile, and always checks in on me. This has made me feel like a part of the school community so quickly. Seeing all that Keisha does for the benefit of the children in our community has been eye opening to me. I feel so grateful to work with and learn from Keisha this year.

Shakari Posted over a year ago

I was a student at P.S. 198, and Ms. Keisha volunteered on many of our school trips. She treated us as one of her own children. One memory I have of her in the 2006-2007 school year was when a manhole popped off the ground and began smoking, Ms. Keisha shielded us by putting herself in front of the flaming manhole, ushering us to keep moving away from it. After graduating, we kept in contact. In middle school, my iPod Touch was stolen out of my gym locker. 12-year-old me was distraught. When she learned of this, she generously bought me a new one. Today, I still see her as a motherly figure. Hearing that she has fostered these two girls is heartwarming. I’m glad Ms. Keisha is getting the recognition she truly deserves!

Lanette Huddleson Posted over a year ago

My mother is one of the kindest, generous and loving hearted people you will ever meet. She gives with no expectations and loves with no boundaries. She has made me into the woman I am today and anyone who meets her will see just how wonderful her spirit is.

Janiya Huddleson Posted over a year ago

To Keshia, who is the most charitable and selfless, not just to family but also to friends and kids who she feels need the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and capabilities. She has been a wonderful help in illuminating the intentions of the world as I have developed and continue to evolve. I'm pleased to announce that my grandmother is a deserving recipient of this honor, and I'm proud of her.

Rachel Viliusis Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone who is more deserving of this honor than Keisha. Keisha is endlessly inspiring in her thoughtfulness and generosity, but also in the unceasing love and positivity that she carries with her. Keisha is the type of person that you know that you can turn to at any moment, for any reason. She truly is a life-changer for all who know her - her family, friends, and peers, but also for the students in our community. We are so grateful to Keisha for her decision to foster the two children, and her positive impact on our students doesn't end there. Keisha works tirelessly for our students, and it is evident in countless ways, including the way that the children have implemented her social-emotional strategies and conflict management in the building. Both adults and students look to Keisha for advice, encouragement, and a positivity boost. Our community is so very fortunate to have the support of someone like Keisha Ballard.

Mivhelle Bellizzi Posted over a year ago

Keisha is inspiring! Keisha’s dedication to the children and staff in our community has made a world of difference. She truly understands what is needed and has created an environment where everyone feels safe and heard. Keisha has made such a positive impact on so many lives. I admire her and am thankful for all of her guidance and support throughout the years. Keisha is a life changer!

Steven Posted over a year ago

I call my sister in law “Keisha the Great” because of the greatness she exudes in all she does. It’s a honor to have such a wise, and giving of self person as an inherited sister. She is well qualified for this award.

Aniya Lewis Posted over a year ago

There is not enough words in the world to describe the kind of person Keisha is in her community and as a person. I get to see all she does as my coworker but also as my aunt. She is always there to give a helping hand, useful advice and so much more. She is very deserving of this award.

Eric ballard Posted over a year ago

My name is Eric ballard I have the pleasure of being Keisha’s uncle in the many yrs I’ve been around Keihsa she has shown the ability to continuously grow in in this ongoing journey of life in a positive way with the willingness to help others in her journey ,im proud to call her my neice !!!

Natarsha Ballard Posted over a year ago

Keisha’s has such a loving caring personality she’s always had a special relationship with children.I am proud of all the accomplishments she has mad through her journey she deserves it!!

Monique Jackson Posted over a year ago

As a fellow educator, I too share the sentiment expressed by others regarding Keisha’s tireless efforts to teach/ support the whole student. Keisha continues to make space and time for interactions with students that not only supports their academic learning but fosters their social, emotional learning/ well being as well. With Keisha, students know that they are people first and students second.

Luck Posted over a year ago

Keisha is always ready to change the world. We worked together on a community event called “Weluvthekids” & I was invited to a few of her “United Women” meetings and I saw the passion, dedication & drive she has to help make a difference. ?? Keisha for president ???

Persetta Posted over a year ago

Keisha is one of thee kindest and most generous people I know. Her passion to support people is one she’s had from childhood. The passion to support is one that covers multiple situations, or circumstances. One of her greatest cares is to fill a void in one’s life. She gives of herself without looking for anything in return. If she partakes in supporting anyone it’s genuine. Even when she thinks she is going to say no because of time, self care or a multitude of commitments, she always back peddles to be of assistance. Keisha isn’t just like this with the outside world, but with her family members. I have often found myself in conversation with family members to find out she privately assisted them where she could. Almost unexpected to all recipients. She is truly deserving of seeing just how selfless she is! As a big sister what she is providing with my new inherited nieces she has taken on, she has provided in some form to myself, and to my children in an abundance. I believe this path is one of divine order from God! Keisha dedicates herself to giving back and she is so modest about it. She has always been an award winner in my eyes. This couldn’t be more fitting. I am so proud of my big sister.

Loretta Ballard Posted over a year ago

Keisha, she will be there all the time as often as she can, when time permits and when it don’t. I often tell her to not let her kindness and good heart bring her to her knees but If they do bring her to her knees, God has her, so keep him in your care, keep up the good work and never forget you are great. Yes, you are great in my sight. Speaking as a mother and a friend, you deserve this daughter. Keep on doing what you do, keep the door open. Let God open doors that no man can shut. I salute you! Well done my child! Love you! Bless you! Stay strong and let nothing change your heart. Keep on believing and standing for what you believe is right. One day it’ll all come to light. Keep God in command, the head of your plan and he’ll give you your heart’s desire, so let his will be done! God bless you daughter.

Persetta Posted over a year ago

Keisha is one of thee kindest and generous persons I know. Her passion to support people is one she’s had from childhood. The passion to support is one that covers multiple situations, or circumstances. One of her greatest cares is to fill a void in one’s life. She gives of herself without looking for anything in return. If she partakes in supporting anyone it’s genuine. Even when she thinks she is going to say no because of time, self care of a multitude of commitments, she always back peddles to be of assistance. Keisha isn’t just like this with the outside world, but with her family members. I have often found myself in conversation with family members to find out she privately assisted them where she could. Almost unexpected to all recipients. She is truly deserving of seeing just how selfless she is!

Nicole Carter Posted over a year ago

Keisha is one of my favorite people in the world. And it’s based off so many countless times she’s exhibited selfless acts of kindness and love for others. I am always amazed how she navigates life quite eloquently and truly is an inspiration and God sent! So deserving of such an Honorable Achievement ??

Yanai Posted over a year ago

My aunt is an amazing person, she’s always there when you need her with no hesitation. She’s a good person to get advice from and a good person to vent to. She’s a hard working women and goes all out for people, me included.

Shantae Scullark Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful that I can call Keisha my family. She is a person who is caring, loving, supportive , perseverant and many other great things. She is a person who always put others before herself. To know her is too love her because she is just super dope!

Jennifer Posted over a year ago

Keisha always been an inspiration to the school community. I always admired her hard work, determination and the way she cares for the children. She is absolutely amazing!!

James Guzman Posted over a year ago

We occasionally overlook the influence school staff members have on children. It's not surprising that sometimes we miss opportunities to pause and consider the influence that school professional have over the children in our care because schools are busy places and professionals are busy people. When we go on to various opportunities, we may forget the small, easily-forgotten talks, but those words can stay with a young child for a very long time, influencing their personality and their thoughts, Keisha have been changing kid’s life for the better for years. So, Keisha/ my God Mother. You've set a great example for all of us to follow, you've inspired us to be better people and to always strive to do our personal best. You're an inspiration to students and other teachers/ professionals alike.

Sarah LaFontaine Posted over a year ago

Keisha is a beautiful person inside and out. I have known Keisha for 6 years as a colleague and a friend. She goes above and beyond for not just the students she works with but for all of the students and staff in the school community. Keisha will work with classrooms across each grade using her knowledge in social/emotional education in supporting students and teachers with promoting positive social interactions among peers. When two students needed fostering, she took them in making a huge impact on their lives. She is someone you can always go to and always depend on. Keisha is always everyone’s number one cheerleader and brings such a light into our community. Keisha is selfless and inspirational. She changes the lives of others and I feel honored to know her.

Olivia Ballard Posted over a year ago

Keisha, I always knew that you were destined for greatness. You are a woman after God’s heart. You love unconditionally, and always go up and beyond the call of duty. Know that your greatest reward is awaiting you . This is only the beginning. So, I say to you keep striving and don’t look back adversities because you will always win at what you put your hand to do. Love You Much ??

Sarah Benjamin Posted over a year ago

I have had the privilege working alongside Keisha at our school. Keisha has an incredible presence with everyone she interacts with. She is incredibly positive, selfless, and is always thinking about others. She leads by example, and has had an immeasurable impact on every student she works with, especially the two girls she is currently fostering. She is a gift to our school community!!

Kwamé Holley Posted over a year ago

Where do I start? Just now making 2 yrs working with Ms.Keisha I now see for myself why she is the “Go To” person when you have any type of situation. Speaking from personal experience I catch myself running around the school to find Ms.Keisha so she can give me some advice. And yes I’m a grown man but that’s what makes it so special because speaking to Ms.Keisha I feel like a kid all over again. I feel no different from how the kids around the school feel when speaking to Ms.Keisha. She’s so understanding and always willing to help no matter what. Let’s not forget she’s “For The Kids” and we need more people like her around. Ms. Keisha deserve this award for sure..!!!!!

Danielle Santana Posted over a year ago

Keisha, has been a part of this community for over 17 years. She is a someone who goes above and beyond for all students. When she was able to take in students from our community it made me so happy because I know they will be cared for.

Lanise Herman Thomas Posted over a year ago

This comes as no shock to me. Keshia has a heart of gold. I believe Keshia’s mission in life is to better the lives of children by making a positive impact in the most crucial time of their lives. I take my hat off to Keshia. My God continue to use you and perform miracles for his children right before our eyes.

LaShawn Jones Posted over a year ago

Wow! If anyone is deserving of this award it is Keisha. I have known her since I was a young girl. I remember not having a place to stay and she took me in for a brief period. She taught me so much about life growing up. Now, as adults I continue to watch her give of herself selflessly. I watched her go back to school and pursue her professional goals. I watch her continue to educate and guide young people. I watch her fill the cup of others while never asking for, or expecting anything in return. I can go on all day about the impact Keisha has on the people she encounters. I really hope she wins this. She’s definitely deserves this recognition!

Breanna Faulkner Posted over a year ago

Keshia Ballard Is Phenomenal!

Allie Harvazinski Posted over a year ago

I am in awe of Keisha! She makes a positive impact in our school everyday and now she has taken on such an important and life changing role - fostering and taking on the care of two young girls in our school community. These girls’ lives have improved beyond measure. I learn from her generosity and kind, giving spirit everyday.

Abdul Saliu Posted over a year ago

I’m not surprised to see Keisha nominated for this award. I’ve known Keisha for over 25years. She is the most caring person that I know. Great friend, outstanding employee, exceptional mother. Beautiful mind and soul. Go Keisha you deserve to win this award.

Shenell Posted over a year ago

Keisha has always had an interest in working with children and helping to provide better opportunities for them in all aspects of life. This life changer nominations is a perfect way to describe what she has been doing and continues to do in the lives of those she encounters. Those that have had the privilege of crossing paths with would agree she is a life changer. She puts her heart into what she does and gives more than 100%. Keisha is transformative!

Menyett Baker Posted over a year ago

I’m not surprised by this because Keisha has always been for the children in her personal and professional life. Her pursuit in becoming a school counselor is out of a need to help children on a therapeutic level because she understands how important the early years of school can affect a students success. Congratulations!

Kurtis Spivey Posted over a year ago

Stories often told about Mother-in-laws are ones of unwelcome holidays and unwanted visits. Not mine. Our holidays are filled with joy, smiles, and food. From the moment I met my mother-in-law, she took me in as a son. She is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Very much deserving of this.

Courtney Scullark Posted over a year ago

My cousin, Keisha is a super phenomenal woman. I’m so proud of her for the job and the excellence she is doing. This right here is a stepping stone for what’s to come in the future. Keep it up.

Coretta H Posted over a year ago

I am so proud of this Extraordinary and Beautiful young lady. Keisha has always had a Heart of Gold and Beautiful Spirit. Our family has always strived for Excellence and you have gone well beyond. May God keep blessing you so that you can keep blessing others.??

Raychel Manko Posted over a year ago

I have seen first hand the ways that Keisha is a life-changer - not only in the lives of the girls she took in but in the lives of so many of our students. She has taught nearly every student in our school a curriculum about how to deal with interpersonal conflict that impacts them daily. It impacts and helps me too! The fruit of her work has rippled into the culture of our school and allows healthy relationships to thrive. She is an example of that. She sows love and light into everyone on her path. She is the most encouraging of coworkers - always real, always inspiring, always helping bring deeper understanding and offering beautiful perspective. Working with her in such an honor. And on top of all of that, she has welcomed the girls into her home and done more than anyone could ever expect. She is a beautiful human, inspiration, friend, valued coworker and world changer! LOVE YOU KEISHA!

Lindsay Buhr Zaremba Posted over a year ago

Keisha is a gifted member of the Horizons at Saint David’s staff. Horizons is a 6 week summer learning program for boys with the mission to provide enrichment opportunities and prevent summer slide. Horizons at Saint Davids partners with schools in East Harlem. As our counselor, Keisha has been incredibly supportive of both her students and teachers. She has created a space for boys to feel comfortable to express themselves and their feelings. She supports teachers in our program to help them build strong connections with their students. She is a gifted and passionate counselor.

Karen Bugden Posted over a year ago

Keisha’s dedication to the students and community at our school is an inspiration. Keisha’s intelligence and understanding of what it means to be humble, kind and a generous soul empowers me everyday to be a better teacher and person. Keisha is a born leader who quietly leads the people around her to ultimately support all our students and families with the love and kindness that they need. Keisha’s dedication to supporting our students with reading while continuing her education to become a guidance counselor ultimately reveals who Keisha is. Keisha is a hardworking, selfless, dedicated person who knows how important it is for every child to become successful as a student, but more importantly as a person. When I thought Keisha was at her limit of how much she could give of herself, she and her family made the decision to foster two students from our school. She made this beautiful decision knowing the challenges, but she knew she needed to help these two amazing children. When you have the honor of becoming a friend with someone like Keisha you are immediately grateful and you know you are lucky to have her as a friend and colleague.

Senita Springer Posted over a year ago

Keisha has a heart of gold. She is very supportive of her school community and she shows love to the students like they're her own. She has brought students sneakers, clothes, food. She gives out of the kindness of her heart. She asks for nothing in return. She is well deserving of this award, she has changed so many children's life.

Lynn Hansen Posted over a year ago

I can not think of a more selfless, loving , brave and kind soul to receive this honor. Keisha is truly a hero on so many levels. She impacts lives in so many ways and for these two girls she has absolutely changed their lives. They now have stability, routine, emotional support , and so much more.

D.Middle Posted over a year ago

The ability to give students a safe relationship they can appreciate and experience unconditional care and compassion is engrain in Keisha. Her willingness to give students nothing but excellence deserves recognition. Congratulations Keisha for making an impact on your students and your colleagues.

Ebony Ballard Posted over a year ago

Keisha is a beautiful spirit and a light for everyone especially children. The amount of care she shows for them is not often seen in this day and age but greatly admired and appreciated.

Sandra Evans Posted over a year ago

Keisha has always been very giving and helpful to everyone she is a blessing to so many she needs to be nominated for this because she is kind and very caring of others