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Dr. William Clay

Position: Professional School Counselor
School: Kenmoor Middle School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Landover, MD

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Dr. William Clay was nominated by Tiffany Spalding, his colleague.

Dr. William "Flip" Clay is one of the world's most dynamic, life-changing professional school counselors. He has a passion for changing lives. In the last 20 years, Dr. Clay has changed so many lives that his work reached the halls of the United States Supreme Court.

"Dr. Clay has changed so many lives, he should change his name to Dr. 'Life-Changing' Clay," said Spalding.

He created "Men of Ardmore," a data-driven elementary male empowerment program consisting of 55 young boys. This program reduced school suspensions by 80% and increased academic proficiency by 75% across three years. The program was so successful that it was featured on the Steve Harvey Morning Show with WHUR 96.3 Howard University.

One parent wrote, "You have no idea how much I appreciate you. You helped my son turn the corner during a time when he could easily go the other way. Thank you for making school feel like a family, not an institution."

A former program participant also wrote, "I would say the program played a big part in me becoming the young man I am today. The program made me realize I was headed in the wrong direction." 

Dr. Clay is life-changing. A former student wrote, "I remember going to District Heights Elementary School and being such an angry child due to the abuse and neglect I was experiencing at home, but it was those times that I remember speaking with you that made me feel better. I do not think I ever came out and told you the reality of my life, but even if it was for 30 minutes, you allowed me to breathe. Before this time here on earth is up, I want to say thank you. I appreciate all you have done for me and others."

During his tenure at Charles Carroll Middle School, Dr. Clay implemented three life-changing programs: Charles Carroll Tell 'Em, Men of Carroll, and Women of Carroll.

Charles Carroll Tell'Em was a life-changing Glee Club made up of African American and Latino-American students. During Hispanic Heritage Month, they created a "Hip Hop Video" depicting the life of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. After completing the video and sending it, Justice Sotomayor accepted the invitation to visit the school. Charles Carroll Middle School was the first educational institution she visited as a Supreme Court Justice. It was a life-changing experience for the school and parents who met Justice Sotomayor, especially for Latino-American students. After her visit, Dr. Clay received correspondence stating, "Mr. Clay, thank you for being such an extraordinary role model and leader." Here is the video:

Women of Carroll was a young girls' empowerment group consisting of middle school students who needed hope, resilience, and encouragement to deal with various issues. These young girls dealt with fatherlessness, abuse, self-harm, and low self-esteem. "As part of his women's group, Dr. Clay encouraged students to express their feelings around those who wronged them. Through this process, students were able to heal from their trauma and grow into confident young adults." 

One student wrote, "Thank you for being one of the greatest role models. Thank you for helping me with my troubles; you have changed my life. I have always looked at the bad side, but because of you, I try to look at the good side no matter what. You are the best guidance counselor ever to live. You have not only changed my life, but you have also changed others, and we are grateful. Thank you for being the best person to change our lives and believing in me when I could not believe it myself."

The Men of Carroll was life-changing. This program met every Monday. This space allowed young boys a safe, confidential place to release years of trauma. The stories, tears, and testimonies were life-changing.

Dr. Clay has served his community by working with youth and parents. He has donated countless hours to various churches, non-profits, and community organizations. His impact has been featured in the Washington Post and on various Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland news stations. Dr. Clay continues to change lives and was recently awarded the 2023 Minority Public Educator of the Year in the State of Maryland. His passion, creativity, innovation, and dedication to students are remarkable. Dr. Clay brings light to a dark place. Dr. Clay has been their hope when they felt hopeless. He has been a lifesaver when they needed life-changing guidance.

"He is more than a LifeChanger. He is a life-giver who keeps on giving and changing lives," said Spalding.

Below is a list of Dr. Clay's professional accomplishments:

  • 2010 United States Supreme Court Special Recognition
  • 2012 National Marcus Forster Distinguished Educator of the Year
  • 2012 Metropolitan Baltimore Educator of the Year  
  • 2012 U.S. Senator Benjamin L Cardin Certificate of Special Recognition 
  • 2012 House of Representatives Elijah Cummings Special Recognition 
  • 2012 City of Baltimore Certificate of Special Recognition Excellence in Education
  • 2012 Honorable C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger Congressional Recognition Award
  • 2012 Prince George's County Public Schools School Counselor Award
  • 2015 Legislative Proclamation New York State 41st District Special Recognition
  • 2018 Top Teens of America Ladies of Distinction Special Recognition Award
  • 2018 National Sigma Beta Club Appreciation Award
  • 2023 State of Maryland Minority Public Educator of the Year

Below is a list of books and articles Dr. Clay has published.

  • February 2005 - Action Line Magazine The Magazine of the State Education Association
  • 2010 Post Traumatic School Disorder "Empowerment Strategies for African American Males" Self Published
  • 2013 'Transforming the Educational Experience of Young Men of Color College Board School Counseling Journal Contributor
  • Winter 2017 - Stanford Social Innovation Review Healing Through Hip Hop
  • 2018 The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated Man Self Published
  • 2020 Amazon Best Seller There is No Health without Mental Health Anthology: Men & Mental Health Let's Talk About It.
  • February 2023 - Action Line Magazine The Magazine of the State Education Association

Below is a list of media appearances Dr. Clay has made.


  • 2008 - W.H.U.R. 96.3 Howard University Radio Steve Harvey Morning Show
  • May 2010 - Prince George's Gazette Newspaper - Preparing Men to Be Men of Ardmore
  • October 2010 - Washington Post - Prince George's- Middle-Schoolers Sing What They See
  • November 2010 - Prince George's Sentinel Newspaper November 2010- Student create music video for President Obama
  • 2012 - WPGC 95.5 Guy Lambert Community Focus 
  • February 2013 - Washington Post - Prince George's Counselor Gets National Recognition
  • 2017 - WDCA Fox 5 News Washington D.C.
  • 2018 - Radio One Praise 104.1 FM
  • October 2019 - W.H.U.R. 96.3  Howard University Radio - Men Make a Difference Day interview 
  • October 2019 - NBC-4 Washington D.C. - Men Make a Difference Day  

Below are letters from students, parents and staff.

"Thank You for teaching me my Mars Manners. I hope you have a good year. I can't wait to hear from you soon," - student

From a student: "Dear Dr. Clay, thank you for being the best school counselor. You listen, and you try to make the person feel better. You give inspiring words to help us, and they work, so thank you."

From a parent: "Hello, Dr. Clay. Through this letter, I want to thank you for the generous attention you have with my daughter and I. I wish with all my heart that God bless you because of your generous heart. May God bless you, and thank you for the gift."

From Linda Jennings: "Dr. Clay's work is very transformative. It helps the older boys to help foster positive relations with the young people. It helps them academically, culturally, and socially. Dr. Clay gives them a sense of self worth as being young African American boys."

From a student: "Hi. This is one of your champion winners of Jeopardy. I just wanted to thank you so much for making Jeopardy a part of me. I'm very proud of myself and all the other classrooms. We all tried hard and put effort into winning. We  all had an opportunity to share the moments with Jeopardy, and it's all because of you! Thank you so much for making this possible."

Comments (196)

D. Curry Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is both passionate and relentless in ensuring that student's voices are heard. I've had the pleasure of observing his work in elevating conversations related to trauma experienced during childhood and how it impacts those as adults. He seeks to find the root cause of disruptive behaviors to truly approach resolution at it's core.

Dr. Morella Ewell Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has an amazing personality, and his ethic and experience with students is unique. I can not express in words how much he inspired our student community. Thank you, Dr, Clay for your dedication to our world.

Joy Goggins Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has a dynamic personality that motivates his work. He has always gone above and beyond expectations to anticipate and address students' needs. He inspires students and colleagues alike with his unrelenting ability to tackle challenges that are especially unique to urban/suburban school environments. Several years ago, I acquired one of Dr. Clay's students who asked me to take him on a week-long environmental/SEL camp. In the student's own words, "that's how Dr. Clay helped me!" The student was so insistent that he helped me research the camp. There was so much involved in preparing such an extensive school trip, but I knew it would be worth it if Dr. Clay endorsed it. While that student has since graduated from high school, because of the pebbles in water, Dr. Clay drops, our students continue to reap the benefits of the ripples created, as in attending this priceless camp experience!

Felicia Garrett Posted over a year ago

You are very dedicated to making the school community better place. We are blessed to have you in our building. Thank you for showing up everyday.

Ashanti Ravenell Posted over a year ago

It is an honor to work with such an innovative and compassionate Professional School Counselor. Dr. Clay knows how to captivate his audience and deliver valuable, relatable content! Truly an inspiration!!

Rosetter E. Dirden Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a professional colleague and personal friend. I have know him approximately ten years, and I am always impressed with his standards of excellence and expertise. He is a great school counselor who understands the needs of those he services. He takes great pride in making sure his students know they are loved and understand he will do everything he can to keep them safe. I am proud of and excited for Dr. Clay to be nominated for this award!! He Has Truly been a Life Changer for so many, and I know he will continue to change the lives of everyone he comes in contact with!!

Kathy Giles-Harris Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is very deserving of this honor. I highly recommend him.

Renee Lewis Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an innovator and originator in the counseling field. He has created new programs and psycho educational lessons for students and educators. He is ahead of his time.

Wendy Jackson Posted over a year ago

Although, I do not know Mr. Clay personally, I must say I have heard great things about his work. Continue to making an enormous impact on our youth!

Cassandra Thomas Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an outstanding speaker, student advocate, and passionate leader. He serves students' of color and their stakeholders as a professional school counselor. I have witnessed students and parents sharing their testimonies over 5 years. Dr. Clay has changed hundreds of students lives from "At Risk" to positive productive "self-Confident" men. Thank you for your servanthood heart.

Jason Mitchell Posted over a year ago

I worked with Dr. Clay in a school setting for almost a decade. One of the most consistent people around. He helped me to understand the counseling position better. He helped me realize the counselor helps with discipline thru support and information. Every student that I left with Dr. Clay came back in a much better state then when they were drop off. Thank you for all that you did here and good luck on all of your future endeavors.

Kristin McGriff Posted over a year ago

Dr. Flip was a guest on my podcast and his wit, intellect and passion for his work was apparent and life-changing! His episode was one of my most downloaded. Go Dr. Flip!!

Germaine Posted over a year ago

Great presenter and advocate!

Roland Holloway Posted over a year ago

You are a great inspiration to children’s your hardwork, your dedication and your unswerving fidelity toward the voiceless child that has open the ears of those that has the abilities to invoke change! Keep doing the good and exhilarating things that make you who you are and the ski is the limit!!

Laryssa Creswell Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a dynamic counselor and kind hearted person! Much deserving of the award!

Phyllis C Kittrell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay!

Rosetter E. Dirden Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a professional colleague and personal friend. I have know him approximately ten years, and I am always impressed with his standards of excellence and expertise. He is a great school counselor who understands the needs of those he services. He takes great pride in making sure his students know they are loved and understand he will do everything he can to keep them safe. I am proud of and excited for Dr. Clay to be nominated for this award!! He Has Truly been a Life Changer for so many, and I know he will continue to change the lives of everyone he comes in contact with!!

Jacklyn Morgan Posted over a year ago

I'm a retired Licensed Professional Counselor and founder of the Ubuntu 12 Step Program for Colonized Thinking. As an activist, my critique of programs designed to help oppressed communities comes from a Pan Africanist perspective. To me, a program can't just pay lip service to empowerment - it must actually facilitate the liberation of oppressed peoples, especially youth. That's why I hold programs to a high standard. However, Dr. Clay's program stands out for his unique ability to connect with young people and tune into their needs and interests. He leverages his life experiences as a black man, counseling expertise, and knowledge of African culture to create a culturally relevant program that equips clients with tools to cope and manage their lives. His program fosters self-awareness, confidence, and quickly introduces skills and strategies to overcome challenges and achieve goals. What's most impressive to me is that Dr. Clay's program is culturally relevant and honors the unique experiences and perspectives of youth of color. He takes into account their cultural values, beliefs, practices, and experiences, and tailors interventions accordingly. This is of central importance because it acknowledges and affirms the identities of those he serves."

Rae Jackson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay! It has been a pleasure working with you over the past 22 years. Your passion and dedication to meet the needs of students, families, and staff is commendable! You truly deserve this nomination and recognition!

Sadia White Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for over 15 years. He was one of the founders of the Sarurday Academy at our Church, Ebenezer AME in Fort Washington. He designed the student social/emotional component of the curriculum.. Dr. Clay is committed and dedicated to the growth and well-being of his students. His approach to the work builds character and develops leadership skills, and the students and families are better for his leadership and influence. He is a change agent for the empowerment of families and the community he serves. He is an example of a Life Changer!

Monique Bartley Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay's resume and accomplishments are impressive and inspiring! It is clear he is passionate and dedicated about his work and is loved, respected, and has made an impact on the lives of many. #PGCPSPROUD #PGCPSPSC

Robbin Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Dr Clay is a national treasure to our community and youth. He takes a keen interest in educating young people on dealing with mental health, societal pressure and conflict resolution just to name a few. Dr. Clay is relatable and makes himself available at all times. His ability to connect and educate are unique. He has changed many lives and deserves this amazing honor.

Ms. Buker Posted over a year ago

Thank you Dr. Clay for helping students and for making PGCPS Proud!

Dr. LaTasha Blanding Posted over a year ago

Dr. "Flip" Clay is an extraordinary example of perseverance. He has dedicated his time and effort to promote change in his community. As his fellow cohort, Dr. Clay is passionate about his craft and expresses his talent with grace and compassion. To be present in the room with him, whether it's a conference, book signing or training your life will be changed tremendously!

Doris Barrett Posted over a year ago

Congratulations to you for such an outstanding honor. You deserve it. I did see that article. Keep moving forward and touching lives. Keep in touch. Ms. Barrett Math Fluency Technology Concepts "Cougar Pride" "Making Good Better"

Leu Gilbert Posted over a year ago

Dr. “Flip” came to our church in Hopewell. VA in 2015 and gave an outstanding speech presentation. “Save our Sons and Daughters!” He spoke on the importance of the black family in general and the black male in particular! The program was by far a greater success because of his presence! I applaud and fully endorse any accolades given to him! His work is worthy of national recognition!

LeQuintes Holbert Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is more than a counselor, he is a true friend indeed. I was shot in the head on 10/22/2019. Dr. Clay has helped me understand that living with a traumatic brain injury doesn't mean that I can't live life anymore, it means that I have been given a new journey and that there are new people waiting to meet me and learn from my story.

Marcia Mincey Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has worked within the Prince Georges County Public School district to ensure professional services are provided to each student and community member. He has assisted in efforts to make learning enjoyable. As a Professional School Counselor he supports the local Maryland School Counselor Association.

Rochelle A.Campbell Posted over a year ago

Dr. Flip Clay is a mentor and motivator to many, and his strong leadership skills, humorous and humble attitude have had a life-changing effect on my son. My son was looking for answers as a young black male, and Dr. Clay provided the guidance and support he needed. Dr. Clay has a unique ability to connect with young people, and his enthusiasm for helping them reach their goals is inspiring. Dr. Clay truly cares about the success of his students, mentees and encourages them to strive for excellence. Dr. Clay thoughtful advice and insightful guidance have been invaluable to my son, and I am deeply grateful for his presence in my son's life.

Rechelle Brown Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and accomplishments. May God continue to bless you that you will continue making an impact on students!

Troy Williams Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a dedicated professional with a commitment to the community’s consistent positive enhance via his actions, thoughts and words with the Best being yet to come!

Alora Plummer Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for over 10+ years. He was a welcoming face when I first joined the Charles Carroll family. He is one of the reasons I decided to go into the profession of School Counseling. His advocacy for our black and brown boys, his love for his students, and passion for the field is like no other. He would be a great candidate for this award.

Natalie Stephenson Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Dr. William Clay, I continue to be in awe of his many OUTSTANDING achievements! Dr. Clay demonstrates exemplary service in our school community and within communities linked to our school. He is care and compassion for students and their well-being, along with his keen creative communication skills fosters trust and dynamic exchanges between the student body, faculty/staff, and parent networks of our school. In addition, his "Dr. Clay" humor and congenial nature enhances the overall positive climate of the school environment. Yes, "life changer" is a title that underscores Dr. William Clay's role and purpose as a professional school counselor. I am honored to work with Dr. Clay; he is absolutely deserving of this award recognition!

Vincent Taylor Posted over a year ago

I’ve been presenting professionally to educators for over 20 years, and I’ve never seen a speaker captivate an audience the way Dr. Clay does. His message regarding mental health and addressing trauma should be a required course for all educators working with students.

Ricky Barnes Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has respect from majority of the students here at Kenmoor. When things get crazy, Dr. Clay showed multiple times that he is always poise and calm during certain situations. As a first year teacher, Dr. Clay has taught me a lot when it comes respect and professionalism.

Terry Waller Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. Clay this year at Kenmoor Middle School. I was having difficulty "speaking the language" of our student population during one of my Language Arts classes. We were talking about the value of college. One student mentioned entrepreneurship. He didn't want to go to college. This occurred during class time and I didn't want to leave the student's reply unaddressed. So, I walked to my door, looked in the hallway for someone who could give a perspective different from. There was Dr. Clay. I beckoned him to come inside. I gave him the scenario and set of factors that were at the center of contention. Dr. Clay's extemporaneous prowess was on display. He encouraged. He differentiated without slighting anything that I said to the class before he entered. While he was delivering his response, I could see the wheels of the young man's pride were reflected his facial expression. It was a win-win result for all. That is where and when I saluted the value and care that Dr. Clay brings to our faculty and our underserved student population. Dr. Clay's ken is unique and ubiquitous.

Yurhance Johnson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a great Professional School Counselor. He has assisted both his school and community in many different capacities. He is a great applicant for your reward.

Cameron McCary Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has been a tremendous help to me during this school year. When I was not sure which of our guidance counselors was supposed to be assigned to one of my students who was then having behavioral concerns, Dr. Clay stepped in and offered his support and advice to the student, hearing the student out multiple times and offering to assist with the student's parental meeting--and Dr. Clay was not tasked to the student! He is 100% willing to unconditionally devote his time to others, be they students or colleagues, and I am truly grateful to have him at our school.

Sheenequa Demory Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an excellent resource for many counselors. When I first started out as a counselor and my students were transitioning to his school he made the process very easy and smooth. I really appreciated his quick response and support to make sure the transition for my scholars was smooth.

Dr. Michael T Williams Posted over a year ago

I have been privileged to have known Dr. Clay for over thirty years. During that time, he has always had a heart for people, passion for learning, and commitment to service. He has the innate ability to connect with others, empathize with them, and link them with the internal and external resources needed to overcome their obstacles and challenges. While he is prescriptive in his treatment style, Dr. Clay adds a creative touch to meet people at their point of need and launch them into their destiny. In his service, he draws on his life experiences, theoretical underpinnings, and research- based data driven protocols to serve his students. From talking students down from suicide, to consoling students in crisis, to teaching students alternative and appropriate means to express themselves, Dr. Clay covers the gamut of helping students change their lives and be transformed into the persons they were created to be. It is without hesitation and with great commendation that I offer my unwavering support for his application to be recognized as a "life changer"

Roger Johnspn Posted over a year ago

Creative, innovative, personable, purpose driven, game changer, are only a few adjectives used to describe my friend and colleague Dr. Clay. He has a presence that can demand your attention in a fun and engaging way. Everything that he does has a spirit of excellence attached. Eyes haven't not seen, nor have ears heard....His best is yet to come!

melissa cunningham Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and accomplishments. You are a true leader and strive to be a great example everywhere you go. Thank you for being that beacon of light for the PSC family, your school, students, and parents.

Desiree Moore Posted over a year ago

This is absolutely amazing! Congrats to you.

Emma Ferguson Posted over a year ago

God Bless you Dr. Clay for sowing seeds of excellence and compassion. I am encouraged by your labor of love for our children and those who come in contact with you!

Daisy Anderson-Dickens Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for a number of years as we are both Professional School Counselors in Pgcps! Over the years I've had the pleasure of learning from Dr. Clay through his exciting presentations. Dr. Clay has an exuberant spirit and passion for the children he serves. He has an uncanny and impeccable wit about him that his students and everyone who meets him love! He is passionate about changing the trajectory of learning of students especially black and brown boys which he has done extensive work in this area. He is an accomplished author as well as an accomplished Professional School Counselor! The students as well as colleagues have been enriched greatly by his knowledge and love for the profession of education and School Counseling!

Tonia Mabry Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has always been instrumental in supporting Professional School Counselors with getting grounded and finding their way through the Counseling profession. My first encounter with Dr. Clay was in the Professional Development Conferences designed to support Professional School Counselors. His wit and direct and straight to the point direction has served as a tool to get the job done no matter what. It has been a pleasure to work with such an amazing individual that works hard to support our youth and staff on this journey called life.

Rona Pemberton Posted over a year ago

While I have not worked with Dr. Clay, I have observed his passion for the youth of Prince George's County. Dr. Clay goes above and beyond to shape and mold young minds. I wish him all the best!

LeShelle Flagg Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an amazing Professional School Counselor - always willing to step in and help out! His ability to get through to students and gain their trust and respect is admirable. We are fortunate to have you as part of our team at KMS. Congratulations and thank you for all that you do!

Andrea Carswell Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay, congratulations on being recognized for this distinguished honor. Not only are you a strong and well needed advocate for our students, you also go out of your way to guide and support other professional school counselors. Thank you for being the life changer in the Prince George’s County Public Schools community.

Rafiya Senghor Posted over a year ago

One of the very first PD's I ever attended when I first came to PGCPS(in 1996!!!), as a classroom teacher, was with William Clay! I still have the notes, supporting materials and the CD that highlighted his Responsibility Lesson (to the tune of the Adams Family. I continue to reference this lesson and the related materials twenty plus years later. I too am a Professional School Counselor now, and have been directly impacted and influenced by Dr. Clay. Thank you for your commitment to our students and dedication to making PGCPS an exceptional place to learn and grow.

Rodney Coleman Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay, Thank you for providing encouragement and empowerment to our scholars in Kenmoor Middle School. The impact is clearly noticeable. Congratulations on your nomination!

Dr. Wanda Young Posted over a year ago

. I have witnessed the exceptional contributions that Dr. Clay has made to our school community in particular, the Social Emotional Academic Program (SEAD) at Kenmoor Middle. Not only is he an excellent and hard-working professional school counselor. Dr. Clay has dedicated himself to enriching the lives of students and faculty around him. He is truly special for his compassion and commitment to helping others. In the short time Dr. Clay has been working with the SEAD program, he has brought a new energy to our program whereas he is enlighting staff on effective strategies on communicating with parents and responding to students with disabilities. He has shared his plans in introducing students to their culture so they can have a deeper understanding of how their actions affect themselves and others. Dr. Clay is dedicated and takes initiatives on forming specific groups to assist students with their individual needs. He is a great asset to our team! Thank you Dr. C;ay

Bremcis Perez Posted over a year ago

I moved to Maryland from another state. I started attending Charles Carroll Middle School. Something bad happen to me before I moved to Maryland. I told one of my friends. She told me Dr. Clay will help you. I never thought I would trust another man. I was in the 8th grade. Dr. Clay was the 7th grade counselor. We went to his office. I told him what happened to me. He took notes. He made phone calls. Later, I went this building. They asked me a bunch of questions. I was scared. I was nervous. Dr. Clay stayed the whole two hours in the lobby. He was waiting when I came out. I went back to school. He kept making calls. This went on for months. I kept going to his office asking him questions because I needed someone to help me. He would stop what he was doing to help me even though he was the 7th grade counselor. He would check on me to make sure I was okay. He was always busy but went out his way to help me. He was the only one I trusted. I would have bad days. I wanted to give up. I was scared for my baby sister. I wanted my life to end. I was mad, angry, and hurt. Dr. Clay always stuck by me! He never gave up on me. I stopped by his office a lot. He told me be patient. He would make calls when I was in his office talking to different people. He always had students waiting on him, but he made time to help me. Finally, after about 8 months everything he promised happened. Dr. Clay saved my little sister life and changed my life. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for Dr. Clay.

Sandra Johnson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! Dr. Clay I enjoyed reading your LifeChanger of the Year 2022-2023 Nominee Profile. May you an OUTSTANDING human being continue to encourage our students to reach their full potential and make a difference in today's society. I am fortunate to have witnessed the positive impact you have made on so many students here at Kenmoor Middle School. Dr. Clay I extend God's Blessing's and much success in all of your Life's Endeavors.

Julia Warrick Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an amazing professional school counselor. He has treated students with a lot of consideration and compassion. Students observe how he genuinely cares about them and goes above and beyond to support their academic success. Colleagues, parents, and community stakeholders feel comfortable working with him because of his professional demeanor and approach.

Jamie Pugliese Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay's counseling expertise has been an integral part of our successes this school year. He builds relationships, listens, and works hard to ensure our students are ready to learn. Thank you for all you do, Dr. Clay!

Curry Rose Hoskey Posted over a year ago

Although Dr. Clay has only just started here at our school, I have witnessed his immediate impact on our students' wellbeing. He has provided counseling services to individuals and groups and has gained the trust and admiration of our students. His easy-going nature, sense of humor, and drive to improve our students' learning environment has gone a long way towards improving our school's programs. Our school is lucky to have him!

Audrey Thicklen Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay! “I am excited to work with someone of your caliber and experience.”

Ms. Lynelle Hope Seebold Posted over a year ago

I have recently had the pleasure of establishing a professional relationship with Dr. Clay as we both work at the same Prince George's County public school. As a middle school teacher, when I bring to Dr. Clay's attention a concern over a child's behavior, I have seen what I can only say is a "miraculous" change for the better occur with the child after having received his counseling. The proof of Dr. Clay as a "life changer" is evidenced by students whose previous self-destructive behaviors have been redirected to behaviors that enhance the self and allow those children to see the value they bring to the world. Thank you Dr. Clay for working with troubled youth and helping them develop the skills needed to survive peacefully and productively in our society.

Johanna Moore Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an exceptional professional school counselor. He has an inviting demeanor that children and adults gravitate to. He can make the toughest kids soften with his firm, supportive nature. He encourages students to let go of what is holding them back and works to find the deeper meaning behind their actions. Dr. Clay is also a team player. As a colleague, I know I can count on Dr. Clay for advice, support, 100% honesty, and a bit of humor! What a testimony to have positivity impacted so many lives through school counseling, advocacy, community outreach, professional development, and literature. Dr. Clay is a TRUE Life Changer!

Millette Edwards Posted over a year ago

Thank you Dr. Clay for showing up for young black and brown students. Every person needs someone to cheer them on. Thank you for being a trailblazer in the field, and for bringing laughter to bridge the gaps for students.

Fredryn Jenkins Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has been a very integral part of establishing our peer mediation program here at Kenmoor. His warm demeanor has allowed him to gain the trust and respect of many of our students who either needed a listening ear or guidance to handle a situation that could have otherwise escalated to the participants handling the matter in an unwanted outcome with negative repercussions. I definitely feel Kenmoor Middle School has truly benefited from his expertise and we are truly fortunate to have him as a member of our staff.

Beth Novick Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay builds relationships with students, parents, and educators. He makes time to listen and care for individuals. Since Covid, middle school youth are trying to figure themselves out. That can sometimes be a very painful process. Just today a young man dropped his books in the hallway. For seemingly no reason at all, he started crying. Big, heavy sobs. Dr. Clay helped him gather his books and took him to a quiet place in the library. They spent 15 minutes talking and working through the youngster's concerns. After a bit - the young man went to class - walking taller and with more comfort and confidence. Later on that day - I saw the young man in math class, he was doing fine, working on his assignments and engaged in the lesson. This is a straight A scholar who attends a full time gifted program, and that kind of pressure can be very overwhelming. We don't want to lose kids like this to the stress of life. Dr. Clay taught the child that it's okay to have a difficult time, you can get through it and move forward. That's a very important lesson in life. Dr. William Clay didn't miss a beat - after he helped this youngster, he went about his day which is full of professional school counselor responsibilities, but I can assure you - he stopped many other times in the day to guide, listen, assist, care, and support many, many youngsters/scholars/students. He is a very valuable member of our school community. I learn a lot from observing his practice throughout the day.

Marguerite Morman-Matthews Posted over a year ago

I have known my colleague, Dr. Clay for over 20 years. He is a lifechanger, He is innovative in his approaches. by creating music to use with students. He motivates others in his mentoring programs. He also inspires especially when he presents workshops for other counselors and educators. Dr William "Flip" Clay is truly a LIFECHANGER!

Dr. Monifa Battle-Carpenter Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an amazing Professional School Counselor. He continues to create/develop innovative ways to work with students in PGCPS. So, I am not surprised that he has been nominated for this prestigious award. I am grateful for the opportunity to colleague and serve with him as a Professional School Counselor for PGCPS. Thank you Dr. Clay for all you do and Congratulations!!

Starr Marsh Posted over a year ago

I experience Dr. Clay (Junior, as we call him) on a familial level; but his drive for forward-movement is present on this side of life as well. Since our youth, he has always been about the betterment of our family. We need more of him on Our Earth. I’m proud and grateful he is a part of My World.

Jocelyn Potts Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is deserving of this recognition and many others. The humanity that goes into his work is paramount. His dedication to his students and professionals in the field is evident as he delivers professional development in an engaging and reflective manner. Dr. Clay’s commitment to professional development for those in the field of education is literally life changing and life saving.

Dr. Jacobs Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay you deserved to win this award. Your impact on lives is remarkable. Stay strong and continue to produce productive citizens

Damalia J. Ruffin Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a dynamic speaker and true role model for our students. He has been a consistent innovator and a changemaker throughout the years. Congratulations on this nomination! You are a genuine LIFE CHANGER!

Dr. Andrea N. Perry Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an amazing counselor. He has dedicated his professional career to the enrichment of students throughout PGCPS, the State of Maryland and nationally, through his tireless efforts. He is an amazing example of a Professional School Counselor and civic-minded citizen.

Tiffany Spalding Posted over a year ago

In the 18 years that I have known Dr. Clay, I have watched his unwavering commitment to helping students reach their full potential. He is the type of counselor who goes the extra mile, often times taking on additional responsibilities and working to help the school and the district achieve its goals.

Joyce Powell Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has made an impact on so many young lives which changed the trajectory of their lives in such a positive way. We need more men like Dr. Clay.

Gale Reynolds Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your well-deserved success and accomplishments. Continue making an impact on our students!

Stella Bolle Posted over a year ago

Congratulation Dr. Clay, Continue to shine not only in the field of school counseling but in all the areas in which you touch the lives of young people . Keep up the good work. It is such an honor to have people like you in our counseling profession.

Tia Breckenridge Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is and has always been a Counselors Counselor! He is focused on empowering children and meeting them where they are. He is a mentor and sounding board for his peers. Dr. Clay stays current with children and parent concerns. His fresh and inviting personality is infectious. Dr. William Clay continues to demonstrate innovation, creativity, leadership, and effectiveness. Even is these trying times, there are no signs of Dr. William Clay slowing down. He is a treasure to all he encounters.

Tiffany Spalding Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for 18 years and for 18 years he has been unwavering in his commitment to helping young people. Dr. Clay actively encourages students and fellow counselors to reach their full potential and brings out the best in those around him. Dr. Clay goes the extra mile, often times taking on additional responsibilities and working to help the school and the district to achieve its goals.

Shawnta Leftwich Posted over a year ago

While I do not personally know Dr. Clay, we work in the same school district. I have always been amazed by his work when I would hear him speak at Professional Developments. I am also familiar with him from being a part of the Professional School Counselor's Leadership team in Prince George's County. I enjoyed reading this nomination and the various things he has accomplished that I was not aware of. I believe he is well deserving of the nomination and award and I look forward to him bringing it home to Prince George's County Public Schools. Congratulations Dr. Clay and continue the GREAT work you do for our youth!!!!

John Trusty Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an awesome counselor motivational speaker. He shows his passion for young people in all that he does.

Rachel Hammond Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay! I have not had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clay, but I did get to hear him talk about his program and what he is doing to help children and I was thoroughly impressed. Middle School is a tough level and Dr. Clay has changed the lives of these students and that is what an outstanding Professional School Counselor is all about, Good luck on all your continued success!

Dolores A. Hooban Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has been an inspiration to me since my life as a school counselor in the county began 16 years ago. This is my 17th school year, and he has become a greater and greater advocate for the wellness and development of young people. The dedication and passion that he has for his students is unrivaled. He is definitely an agent of change, and I am so fortunate to have been able to witness his greatness and impact in real time!

Dr. Yvette Thomasson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is someone whose word is their bond. He is a first-round draft pick and a leader among people. Good luck! Love you, Dr. Clay. Dr. Thomasson

Kezia Dix-Truesdale Posted over a year ago

About 16 years ago, I came close to working with Dr. Clay and I was full of excitement. I have seen his zeal for Professional School Counselors to be treated as the true professionals that we are. Similarly, I have seen his zeal and passion to reach students in his own building and throughput the County. In summary, Dr. Clay is servant leader in his own right and meets people where they are. Thank GOD for him letting his light shine.

Elisha Janifer Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a dynamic school counselor, presenter, entrepreneur, and the list goes on. His school counseling methods are his ministry to youth and he has a special connection to reaching young African-American boys. I am so glad that Dr, Clay has decided to join us at Kenmoor Middle and bring his magic along to reach all of our students. I am in full support of this nomination and could think of none other than Dr, William "Flip" Clay to achieve this honor.

Vittoria Jackson Posted over a year ago

You are doing amazing work! I am so honored to be a colleague and know how HUGE of an impact you are leaving on an entire community.

Tina Waters Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a calm and steady force. In the short time that I have had the privilege to enjoy his presence, I have observed his strong and determined mindset, his ability to connect with students, and his enthusiasm as he moves to change the lives of our students. His ability to engage students and effectively encourage them to shift their attitude, focus, and understanding to a more positive outlook is admirable.

Gregory Walker Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has demonstrated great communication skills with our scholars. I have observed and listened to Dr. Clay transport students from life paths A to Z using life experiences to build and connect backgrounds with the scholars he support.

Howard Willis Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for over 20 years. He is truly innovative, creative, and intuitive as it relates to reaching young people. His presentations are excellent, and his counseling skills are phenomenal. Whether you are reading his book or experiencing his presentation, you will see a gifted and talented individual who is making a tremendous contribution in the lives of so many young people. Truly, he is molding and shaping a generation.

Michael Hoover Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a true positive and professional counselor for the students of this school. I have noticed this since the first day of the school. His interactions with the students are always positive and respectful toward the students. If there was a situation with a student that I needed to be addressed, I would communicate with Dr. Clay either verbally or through email and he would take the time to work on the situation. More times than not, his interaction would lead to a successful conclusion to the situation. As a classroom teacher, I also know that he will work with the classroom teacher and not against and is willing to listen to all voices in the room.

Michael Hoover Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay has show a true understanding and connections to the students of the team. This started from the very first day of the school year and would always act in a positive manner with the teachers and the students. There was never a time when I asked for assistance with a student that Dr. Clay did not immediately provide. He gave very good feedback on any interaction he had with the student or students and helped diffuse any situation between students in a positive way.

Karolyn Marshall Posted over a year ago

Dr. William "Flip" Clay is a voice for the voiceless. He understands, he listens and he takes action for the youth that have been entrusted to his care. As the saying goes, "no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." This rings true of Dr. Clay.

Avon Miles Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has spoken to the youth at our church in Virginia. His dedication and enthusiasm is apparent in his presentation. The energy he projects is truly contagious.

Sterling Wheat Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay!! You are truly blessed! Keep sharing your blessing with others!! You are an amazing young man!!!!

Diane P Williams Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay's services have proven invaluable to the SEAD program which educates middle school children with social emotional disabilities. While the program services both girls and boys, the majority of our population is boys. Dr. Clay's nonjudgmental, yet firm demeanor provides the safe environment these young men need. He has been instrumental in helping to turn the behavior of one of our most difficult cases, providing much needed support to the mother as well as an attentative ear to the student. He offers weekly male-only support groups to students and mediations when needed. The students trust him and ask for him when they are feeling overwhelmed and just need someone to listen. Our students come with a wide variety of issues, however, the most prevelant is a lack of proper male interaction. Dr. Clay provides this in spades. He is God-sent and we are blessed to have him.

Betty Ware Posted over a year ago

Congratulations for your attainment of such an honor. Seems you’ve done great work to fulfill a serious need. Thank you for helping the students see the light. Programs like yours should be instituted in every school in America!

CARMEN C MALONE Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay congratulations on being the recipient of the 2023 Maryland Minority Public Educator of the Year Award. What an honor it is! Your dedication to being a Life Changer is evident by the demonstration of time you invest in the lives of so many young people. You're a walking illustration that you DO NOT have to be defined by your circumstances or challenges. Having loss our mother at such a young age you could have given up and thrown in the towel, but you didn’t; you sought opportunities to make a difference. You sought opportunities to rise above your challenges. You kept the faith. You made our parents proud of you. Your life speaks volumes for every young person that is going through the ups and downs of life. You tell them with your life that you do not have to be a victim, you can be the victor. You continually pour your life into the next generation. Keep up the splendid work that you are doing. I look forward to seeing you receive even more recognition because every day you receive new revelation on how you can impact life and be a Life Changer.  

Janice Baskerville Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay. A man of humble beginnings was destined to touch the hearts and lives of others. When I think of the road that charted his course, I’m reminded of one determined to rise above adversity, and maneuver through land mines to be a solid foundation that would impact the lives of many. In life we all have a gift that can empower, encouraged and bring hope one day at a time, to create a better tomorrow. Congratulations Doctor William Clay for continuing to blaze the trail, that changes lives

Natalie Barnes Posted over a year ago

Since Dr. Clay joined our school just a few months ago, I have seen a difference in the students he works with. He is proactive and willing to address concerns instead of tip-toe around them. He connects with the students in ways that I didn't think were possible. I am so grateful for the impact he is having on each of the students and the school community as a whole.

Dr. Catherine Scott Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay is a outstanding, and an phenomenal Professional School Counselor. He is truly dedicated to his students.

Seneca Wyche Posted over a year ago

Dr William “FLIP Clay is a legend in himself. He is truly an inspiration to all.He would have never have accomplished anything; if it wasn’t for his beautiful, kindhearted, loving and appreciative mother; who instilled in him, that son you can make it in this life because I believe in you. Although, Dr William Flip Clay and his mother lived in an abusive home ( she tried to protect both of them) that is why he is such an inspiration to all. He has lived threw pain, grief, isolation, poverty, etc… But, the short time he had his mother there was always love abd devotion for her son

Darshana Hall Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an amazing man and writer. After reading The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated man I was able to understand the concerns and plight of black men in America and the unique challenges they face. His work allowed me to see a vulnerability in black men that will forever speak to my heart.

Latonna Rice Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has been an enormous help in the S.E.E.D program. He has been able to calm down the students that were highly agitated. Dr. Clay has also been an encouragement to the staff as well. Boosting morale.

Islam Collins Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay, you are definitely a wonderful leader in the building and your positive impact on the school culture, students and staff is prominent every day. Much more success to you in future.

Darien Best, M.Ed. Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clay about a decade ago. He was and remains inspiration for students as well as staff. His love for helping people is unmatched. Dr. Flip is most certainly a life changer for so many young people. I am so proud to know him and call him my friend. I am also proud of his myriad of great achievements! This award could not go to a better person than Dr. William "Flip" Clay.

Yvonne Whitfield Briggs Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay is more than qualified for this Nomination. We met at a rap-up meeting where statements before Prince George's County School Board (PGCSB) around 1998/9 were provided in response to a Washington Post article, reason very few Black men in teaching (and administrative, counseling) positions in PGCPS. Dr. Clay's response was very informative and impressive. He would be selected with three others (a student, two Adults) to form steering committee for church school. Around February 2000, a Saturday academy church school for students grades K through 6 opened with Dr. William Clay as Counselor and Teacher (one of eight). Academy's Mission included providing Christ-centered teachings, enhancements to regular school instructions, strong feelings of self-worth: culturally and intellectualy for both child and parent -- parenting skills. Dr. Willam Clay's contribution as a counselor, teacher, colleague and friend was invaluable to students, staff, parents, me. He made us feel free and safe in approaching him. Working with him. His knowledge is immense. His Spirit is God's Goodness and Grace. Yvonne Whitfield Briggs 02/14/2023

Lyneshia Johnson Posted over a year ago

From the first time I met Dr. Clay, I knew he was a person whose dedication to his students is first priority. He is awesome and a genuine person. I enjoyed his sessions on helping students pursue college without worrying about being in debt, to his book about trauma. He truly cares and dedicates his time to helping others.

Tammy McNeil Posted over a year ago

It is with great pleasure I congratulate Dr. William Clay. He believes more can be done to stop males from going to prison. He has the passion change the lives of youth. He is definitely a Life Changer.

Tammy Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. William Clay since college. I remember when I first met him. We had a class together. We introduced ourselves and found out how funny he was. Not only that, he was helpful and always did anything he could to help I you asked him. Trust me I cane to him couple of times for the class we had together. He is a very caring person and proud to call my friend and brother. Good Luck Flip and congratulations.

Shelly Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Flip! You have definitely earned this nomination with your dedication in making a difference with the youth as well as adults. I wish you continued success. Keep changing lives!

Alleceia M Walker Posted over a year ago

Congrats... Thank you for all that you do to make The IMPACT Difference in our Global Community that will Last a Lifetime! #IMPACT

Katrina Pettaway Posted over a year ago

Dr Clay congratulations on your success. Keep up the hard work and making a difference!

Regina Posted over a year ago

I worked with Dr. Clay at Charles Carroll MS for several years and also served on the PGCPS School Counseling leadership team with him and there was never a doubt that he’s not 100% dedicated to the students! His priority is always to be relatable, understanding, and student centered. Dr. Clay deserves all his flowers!

Antron Dent Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a wonderful person and an outstanding counselor. His dedication to his students is amazing and you can tell that he truly cares for all of the students he encounters.

Victor Holloway Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Flip! Your service, passion, and vision has manifested to greatness. You have earned this nomination and deserve recognition.  Keep changing lives!

Neelah Ali Posted over a year ago

I have had the honor of seeing Dr. Flip speak twice. He has a vast amount of knowledge about black youth and how to address, support and be there for the youth. He was one of the first people of color to do a professional development that I attended about black youth social emotional competency. He works steadfast and has kept up with me over the years. He truly is making a statement and an impact for youth and teachers all over the nation.

Seneca Wyche Posted over a year ago

You are truly magnificent in your divine work; it’s an exceptional vibe young people, as well as adults. I cherish the accolades given to you. Kudos for all the lives you gave touched triumphly

Jameka Cameron Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has continued to be an esteemed trailblazer with his innovative and artistic educational and counseling program for over 20 years. Your work with our youth is amazing! Keep pressing forward, your impact is incredible!

Dr. Jones Posted over a year ago

One of the kindest most authentic people I know. Congratulations on the nomination.

M. Musyoki Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. Clay at CCMS where he was involved with a number of after-school clubs with the students. He is a supportive counselor to students who always create time for them. He is a great support to teachers, he gave us a lot of support with our grade level as the grade level counselor and worked with students across grade levels. Dr. Clay is a life changer and will always find resources to help his students. He is dedicated to his work and is deserving of this award.

Rob Howze Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a GameChanger and a World changer and definitely more than deserving of this honor. The world needs more leaders like him.

Rosita Ndaka Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is one of the best educators and counselors I have ever been around. I first met Dr. Clay when I started in the county as a new counselor. Dr. Clay mentored me and still does to this day. Dr. Clay has been a proven leader in our field and is always willing to serve others in his community and beyond. There are no words that can describe how much he has meant to school counselors in Prince Georges County, domestically and internationally. I am so proud of my colleague and friend. He is deserving of this honor and I could not be more proud. Dr. Clay will continue to do the work that is needed to continue changing lives. I have learned so much from him. Through his work, he is intentional about inspiring others to be their best self. I look forward to see how Dr. Clay takes his passion to another level. Again, are so loved and respected by many. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Laureen Hammonds Posted over a year ago

I first met Dr. Clay during PEIP ( Professional Educator Induction Program) for Professional School Counselors. in Prince George's County Public Schools over 20 years ago. He was dynamic even then. During his second year as a Professional School Counselor, Dr. Clay created several school counseling lessons incorporating songs that all students can relate to. Songs such as "Friends" (Whodini), Rumors ( Timex Social Club). These songs engage students, they help reinforce critical life lessons that are taught. Dr. Clay is inspirational, creative and works tirelessly to help the students , parents and any person. He loves his work, is deserving of this great achievement and award!

Devonne Wood Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has always been passionate about changing perceptions and changing lives. He is an outstanding motivational speaker, Educator, and Counselor. As his colleague for about 20 years now, I am very proud of him and proud to call him a colleague. I have learned so many valuable lessons from Dr. Clay over the years. He is absolutely deserving of this award!

Karen T Branch Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Clay on your well-deserved success. This achievement speaks volumes to your accomplishments. Keep up the hard work and making a difference! I’m wishing you continued success in the future.

Robbie Barnes Posted over a year ago

An awesome man who provides a worth of wisdom for adults and especially the youth. His vision shapes our future.

Dr. Stacy Frenchwood Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay's work is meaningful and timely. His passion for uplifting and educating adults on how to manage trauma is critical work at this time.

Lindsay Z. Mnguni Posted over a year ago

Well done Dr Clay! Congratulations from South Africa!!!

Robert Bonnette Posted over a year ago

I've known Dr. Clay for 20 years, he is a great guy and had a deep passion for educating kids and being a role model. He is truly deserving of this award.

Stephanie Gage Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has devoted himself to helping and supporting our young people through their academic journey and through some of their life challenges. He meets students where they are and truly listens before sharing guidance with them. His authenticity and transparency are apparent from the comments shared by many of his former students and colleagues. We need more Life Changers, like Dr. Clay, to continue walking beside our scholars!

Ashlee Hayes Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. Clay when I was around 6 years old. He was teaching, while also counseling in a weekend academic program. From there I knew his passion for helping children would expand to a larger level. Dr. Clay was always invested in my academic well-being. He never hesitated to give me a pep talk and steer me back on the right path when I seemed to veer away. Seeing the impact he has had with adolescents throughout the county has been tremendous!

Montrella Cowan Posted over a year ago

PURPOSEFUL. PASSIONATE. PERSISTENT. Dr. Clay is the best example of all three of these. His service to our community has made all the difference. He has helped to change lives and even save lives as a counselor and speaker. His commitment to help spread such a powerful message in the world is most appreciated, especially by our Black and Brown communities. Thank you, Dr. Flip for all that you do and for being you!

Yvonne Scruggs Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay is the epitome of service and an outstanding educator/counselor to young people around the world. For 23 years I have watched Dr. Clay pour into the lives of young people of all ethnicities, creeds and backgrounds while giving 100% of himself in the edification of educating and mentoring the youth. His ability to reach young people is astounding and I believe he is just getting started. Dr. Clay inspires the youth to be better, to do better and achieve their very own dreams. He speaks from experience. He motivates and meet young people where they are. To be outstanding you must find something dear to your heart to hold on to. Dr. Clay found his purpose and the world is a better place because of it. Not only does he mentor to others, Dr. Clay shows up for the you g people in his own family. He believes we must not stand in fear of our failures rather, we must learn to build upon them. He embraces the idea that succeeding is never a one-man job. Dr. Clay is driven by a powerful sense of purpose and how to help others better their lives. Keep going Dr. Clay, we need you!

DaRon Wilson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a phenomenal educator who has dedicated his life's work to enhancing children. His assemblies are thought provoking and engage children to truly think about making the right choices.

April Ross Posted over a year ago

As a colleague of Dr. Clay, I have known him for over 20 years. He has consistently represented himself as a powerful motivational speaker and motivator while uplifting youth in the community. Being a Professional School Counselor in the same district as Dr. Clay, I have had the opportunity to experience him coaching both professionals and youth. Dr. Clay provides helpful suggestions to his peers and encourages the facilitation of demonstrated strategies that work to support our youth. Inspiring our youth is a dynamic skill of Dr. Clay’s. He encourages in a way that motivates them to bring about positive changes and results. In summary, time spent with Dr. Clay is impactful! He guides his audience to examine their purpose and think of measures to work through obstacles with affirmations and future celebrations.

Bruce James Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for fifteen years or more and must say that he is the epitome of an outstanding educator, counselor and motivational speaker. I have attended many of his seminars all over the United States and all were intriguing, inspiring and motivational. Dr. Clay is a committed, dedicated and devoted educator and he is certainly worthy of being recognized for this prestigious award.

LaTasha R Ward Posted over a year ago

Dr Clay keep doing great things and making an impact with the students you connect with at school and in our community. The children today need someone that can reach them where they are and to help them to see a value in changing their lives. Keep being genuine and spreading love. Thanks for being teacher and Coach to help our youth and young adults transform. Congratulations in advance!!! You Got this!

Charlie Frost Posted over a year ago

Congratulations.Dr clay I am your number one fan. I am so proud of you. I remember when you first started I'm proud to see you with so much perseverance and hard work and determination And so humble to arrived to the place that you are now. Only someone like you can endure all the hardship and pain to get where you are today because you care about people and students. Stay Humble and you will be blessed. The old folks back in my day had a saying "The humble will taste the grace. Much love for you School Board Member Charlie Frost

Tiffany Rachann Posted over a year ago

Above and beyond all of Dr. Clay's life's contributions, all of them mighty, I have come to appreciate him the most because he keeps it real. Not just with the children but with the caregivers and community members that support our children. As an advocate for the Whole Child, I applaud Dr. Clay for his tireless efforts and look forward to his continued legacy with intentional impact in our community.

Jerrail Brown Posted over a year ago

I'm honored to call this man my family. He's always there to lend a helping hand and lend a listening ear to me and the rest if his younger cousins. Keep doing what you do. We love you!

Dr. Emily Grant DeCarlo Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay is a very distinguished young man with a passion for making a difference in the world by changing one life at a time. I love how he creatively presented his book by using a toilet stool as a prop. It was a very unique way to send a message about getting rid of the toxicity in one's life!

Stacey Thomas Posted over a year ago

I am so proud to know Dr Clay and proud of his dedication to help change lives of students who may feel like no one cares or that it might be easier to just give up. I applaud Dr. Clay for all that he's done and is currenting doing for young students.

Kevin Glasper,Sr Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is the consummate professional in behavioral health. He loves what he does and this is exemplified in his dedication and commitment to his profession and the community. He loves working with the youth as well. His kind of work is needed even more now since we are trying to navigate through Covid-19 and we are seeing an enormous increase in mental and behavioral issues. He is certainly needed and his style is very accommodating to his clients of all ages. I salute you Dr. Clay for your gifts, dedication and commitment to your embodiment of work as both a practitioner and researcher.

Alexis De’Sert, MA LPC Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay has been a wonderful inspiration for young men in the community. He is most passionate about making a change in education & is genuine with the youth in the DMV. I am proud to know him, as his sorority sister in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. He is most respected, admired, and shares the ideals of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc, “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity”.

SGT. ALBERT COOKS Posted over a year ago

I am a retired educational Administrator from Prince George's County Public Schools. I have known Dr. Clay for more than 30 years. I remember the outstanding workshops and presentations he gave at many of Ebenezer AME men's retreats concerning the enhancing and improvement of Academic skills of Black Boys. He taught them about education and knowledge being the best way to become an outstanding, law-abiding, and tax paying citizen. He worked on skills to enhance Black males ability to become fine, young, and productive young men. The books he wrote laid down the foundation to make all these things possible. Dr. Clay is a man who wants to make all Black young men Accountable and Responsible for all the actions they take. Dr. Clay should be definitely in line for this award.

Eric Wood Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a true servant leader! I will always remember his commitment to excellence, especially when it comes to his students! One of my favorite memories is when Dr. Clay organized a school visit with a U.S. Supreme Court Justice! This was a tremendous effort and victory for our children and community!

Monique L. Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay was my counselor in elementary school. Since meeting him, I have witnessed Dr. Clay pour into inner-city children by teaching them about higher education, the principles of being a man, and financial literacy. I have witnessed Dr. Clay mentor students for over 20 years. He has been a forerunner in our community and is the definition of service before self. There is not a more deserving person for this award!

Camillia Anderson Posted over a year ago

I became acquainted with Dr. "Flip" Clay several years ago through social media educator groups. Having studied trauma and its effects, I was drawn to his work, especially two of his books, The Diary of the Emotionally Constipated Man and PostTramatic "School" Disorder. During the summer of 2018, I was in D.C. for a few days and had the opportunity to see (and participate) in one of his presentations. Here we are five years later, and I continue to revisit and share with my coaching clients information gleaned from the books that I purchased that evening. It is helpful for both men and women to understand how our emotions drive and can ruin our relationships. The Diary of an Emotionally Constipated Man lays it out. At one time, my profession led me to an assignment as the principal of an elementary school that had been chosen as the location for the district's elementary DAEP. Almost 70% of the students assigned were African American (mostly males), almost 30 percent Hispanic, and 1% Anglo American. When conferring with the students, I was never surprised to learn that most of their behaviors/experiences in and away from school were similar. Serving in that environment was a major undertaking for my staff...(and me). Yet, I felt that it was important that my staff understood the WHY behind the extreme behaviors that we witnessed every day. Dr. Clay's book, Post Traumatic "School" Disorder, made the difference by giving a peek through a different lens. Mindsets shifted because of Dr. Clay's book... and it will forever be a point of reference as I support others as they heal. Truly Dr. Clay has researched and experienced topics of current interest in all communities. Although I know that he has several books and programs, the two mentioned in this comment are life changers, as is Dr. Clay.

Tongelar Everett Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay over 20 years and he is a genuine and caring person. His passion for youth empowerment can be seen with his interactions with them. He continues to work in the public school settings where he knows he can help make a big difference in so many lives. His presentations given in our communities throughout the country are impactful. I'm proud to call him friend. He is definitely a well-deserving nominee.

Laseandia Pounds Posted over a year ago

I've attended several career and youth empowerment events where Dr. Clay has inspired young boys into gentlemen, promoting them to act in a manner of future law-abiding citizens, aspiring entrepreneurs, and gentlemen. On one occasion, I witnessed the program where 6th, 7th, and 8th graders committed to wearing business attire at least twice a month, distinguishing themselves from the other students. This mentorship resulted in students running for student body offices and taking on other school leadership roles as a result of the program. In other instances, Dr. Clay regularly supported male and female students in anti-bullying campaigns, self-respect, respect for others and adults, and more. I'm really impressed with the many facets of empowering the students/youth. I highly recommend Dr. Clay as the Life Changer of The Year.

yuritzi vivaldo Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay was my school counselor in middle school and ever since I met him he would help me and my parents with any problem we had. He would make going to school more fun in general for me and for the friends I have and thanks to him I made some long-lasting friendships. And so Dr. Clay is a great person and deserves the best, I probably never could've gotten through middle school without his help.

Dr. Claudia B.-Walter Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay and I met on community fronts during our implementation of a school pantry at Charles Carroll Middle School. Over the several years I’ve known him, I've witnessed his dedication to youth, especially young men. His studious focus on aiding each student in accomplishing their academic journey and helping them open their minds to a bright future demonstrates great dedication. His work with youth and their families is a testament to his commitment to changing lives. #LCOY @LifeChangeroftheYear

Rev. Phillip Jackson Posted over a year ago

In a real sense, Dr. William Clap exhibits the kind of commitment and compassion in counseling adolescents and African American men that is second to none. He not only sympathizes and empathizes with these two demographics, but he has a genuine desire to alleviate them from their challenges. As a pastor, I invited him to speak to the men of my church on many occasions and he has always delivered. It is my pleasure and delight to share words of recommendations on his behalf. He is a great man, a great counselor, and a great friend. I have known Dr. Clay for 20+ years and truly cherish our intellectual conversations when we come together.

Dhyana Parker Posted over a year ago

I'm honored to know Dr. Clay. He's been a blessing to his community especially the youth. We need more men in our community like Dr. Clay. Keep up the amazing job you are doing.

Nek Kimbrough Posted over a year ago

I actually met Dr. Clay on Social Media and I was blown away with his powerful content. His love and passion for the Youth warms my heart. Dr. Clay and I actually shared some conversations about doing a 2 day convention for the youth in my city. I have conversed with him and I must say his conversation and his personal story was so amazing. Dr. Clay is a Man of Honor because of his morals, decency, respect, integrity, and his disposition and most of all his passion educating many people around the world. He’s a phenomenal man and I pray that God keeps using him and keeps him going in the direction of the right. His story and trauma have helped many and also have elevated my boys to become decent young men. He’s a great role model for teenagers and he’s definitely an all around gentleman.

Dr. Felicia McGowan Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an awesome speaker and connects with audiences personally to meet them where they are. He is a force to be reckoned with with his concern for black men. Outstanding person!

Antoinette Byrams Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a true servant at heart and he has devoted his entire life to support the youths in our community. His service of love has been very instrumental for the mental health and well being for many. He does what he was gifted and tasked to do - a labor of love that so many don’t even think to tread. And for all the lives he has touched and served, our community has and will continue to benefit the fruits of his labor. I know YHWH is saying “Well done my faithful servant”. So Dr. Clay I can’t thank you enough for all that you do, and this nomination is well deserved.

Sandra Williams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Clay is the nicest, most caring person I have met in a very long time. In 2020 My son and I had Covid and Mr. Clay went out his way to check on us everyday and even brought us vitamins/ supplements to aid in our well being. He is truly God sent.

Gayle Lynn Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a very powerful and intellectual counselor. He works tirelessly with the youth and mentors, teachers, and other counselors as well. He’s a strong man of faith and character, and works hard for the betterment of all people. I believe that he is truly deserving of the Life Changer of the Year Award!

Stephanie Duckett Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clay. He is an amazing counselor. Dr. Clay has a passion for education that is unmatched. When we taught together at an urban/suburban school, he single-handedly changed lives. I know students to this day who rave about his expertise and how he changed/saved their lives. It was nothing for Dr. Clay to reach in his own pocket to help students/adults of the school community. He is an amazing asset to Prince George's County Public School System and a life changing agent.

Travis Gibbs Posted over a year ago

I've known Dr. Clay since the late 80's. I've watched him grow and continue to get better in life. His passion is for helping people and inspiring them to do better in life. Dr. Clay never forgot where he came from. His trials and tribulations only made him that much stronger. I'm so proud of how he's able to help and encourage people in life. He's doing God's will...I'm so proud of him.

Chris Burks Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a true professional and really cares about the people he serves. I have known him for about 30 years, and he's always been passionate about what he does. Not only do I admire his dedication to his profession, but also his commitment to helping those in need.

Brian Posted over a year ago

A true servant of God. A Shepherd who is willing to leave the 90 and 9 in the wilderness and search for the one that has been lost UNTIL he finds them. Purposed by God.

Lexi Barnes Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay was my school counselor in elementary school. Although many years have passed, I truly think back to the amazing and positive impact he had on so many African American students. His passion, his drive and his determination are just a few things to exemplify why there is no other person who should be receiving this award! He helped me, and others, in so many ways. To this day, I vividly remember all the great acts of kindness he has shown towards me!

Michael D Coates Posted over a year ago

It has been an amazing experience working alongside Dr. Clay for more than 7 years. His compassion for the success of all students is awe-inspiring. The manner in which Dr. Clay supports, shows empathy, and cultivates a positive outlook for children is unparalleled. Dr. Clay truly believes in the work of impacting the future, one student at a time.

Latasha Dorsey Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is committed to transforming and empowering youth. His knowledge on how trauma impacts the mind and his ability to connect with students is remarkable. I met Dr. Clay at Kenmoor Middle School, where we teamed up to help teens obtain conflict resolution skills and emotional intelligence using restorative circles. His words “Change can be easy or change can be hard” and “Let go of that baggage” continue to resonate with me both personally and professionally as I often utilize those words in my personal life and at work. As an Assistant Principal, I value Dr. Clay’s methods of motivation and restoration as I am constantly seeking ways to help students alter their attitudes and behaviors. Dr. Clay is patient, listens intently, and is willing to go the extra mile to help all students. I can’t think of a more deserving person of this award than Dr. Clay. His relentless and tireless dedication to healing young people is simply transformational.

Bernadette Evans Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an innovator and change agent in young people's lives within the educational system and community. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Dr. Clay creates a safe space for young people, some of them at risk, to feel supported and heard, but most importantly to receive guidance and build self esteem and good character.

Toy Jefferson Posted over a year ago

Dr. William “Flip” Clay is truly an inspiration to our hometown, Hopewell, VA. Growing up in our small city, we didn’t get to see much of the outside world but “Flip” has made moves for all the world to see. He saw his vision, and God ordered his steps and made it happen. With his charismatic personality, calming/caring soul and gift of teaching, “Flip” has made an impact within every community he reaches. I’m so proud of his accomplishments and he remains a mentor and confidant to me. He continues to give back and find ways to bless us all with a message that not only changes but saves lives. He is an open book, literally, about how he changed his own life, thus having the experience to relate to those that he fosters. He is a life coach and well deserving of the “Life Changer” of the year. He has been changing lives for many years and I know he will do so in many more years to come.

sofia marroquin-garcia Posted over a year ago

I’m sure Dr. Clay has impacted people’s lives just how he did mine. I was a 7th grader in Charles Carroll Middle and Dr. Clay was my counselor. I always saw him in the halls. He always said hi to me. One day he called me to his office and we talked. I went through a situation in which I don’t think I would’ve said anything if it wasn’t for him. I don’t think I would’ve gotten any help if it wasn’t for Dr. Clay. He changed my life, he impacted my life. He made me know what I really wanted to be when I grow up. I’m so grateful I met him. He was really supportive, very nice, chill, and overall very friendly. I don’t think I’ll find any other counselor just like him. The counselor nowadays say “I'm here for when you need my help on anything,” but no it’s not like that. They don’t even want to hear you, they rush you. Dr. Clay never did that. He listened very carefully. He was patient. And I thank him for that. I wish him the best in this career. Dr. Clay has to be The Life Changer Of The Year.

Joy Mack Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is truly one of a kind. He demonstrates so much passion for the work he does with youth and adults. When I took a moment to reflect on who Dr. Clay is, I came up with several different ways to describe him. He’s a leader, philanthropist, entrepreneur, motivator, wise counselor, and a trusting friend. Not only does he deserve the “Life changer of the year award”, but he is deserving of many more for the gift he has been and continues to be within his community. There aren’t many people that would invest in others in such sacrificial ways as he has. I’m grateful to have a longtime colleague and true definition of a friend who has impacted my life on so many levels. He is well deserving of this honor.

Pastor Cornel Dunmore Posted over a year ago

I have attend Dr. Clay's training in Baltimore, MD. It was illuminating and enlightening. The visual presentation was captivating and very informative. Dr. Clay is on a mission to illuminate the general public on the danger of being spiritually constipated. His class and subject matter is vital to the overall well-being of men, women, boys and girls. I highly recommend this class to every class of people. Thanks for the friendship and professionalism you have given to me personally. Keep preaching mental health awareness. We need you and your message.

Samaiyah H Posted over a year ago

I'm most certain there isn't a better candidate for the LifeChanger of the Year award. Not one who is as caring and devoted to his community and its youth than Dr. William Clay. As an author, and professional counselor Dr. Clay has been able to engage and create outreach that reaches beyond the school walls...his works are profound, groundbreaking and instrumental in changing the lives of people from all walks of life, especially young African American men. He is relatable and devoted to his community, his family and his hometown. Dr. William Clay is busy pouring himself into others and yet continues to lead with integrity and respect for his community. Dr. Clay serves with conviction and compassion. He is educated, sincere and dedicated to making our world a better place, one community at a time. I don't think there is any nominee more deserving!

Alison Merritt Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. William Clay years ago when he was a counselor at my children's school. He was a fantastic asset to the school, always focusing on the "best thing" for the students. I fondly remember him greeting the students each day with an encouraging rap. He is a patient and passionate educator willing to go the extra mile for his students. Dr. Clay has always been willing to engage and offer a meaningful perspective that has been instrumental in my children's development. Dr. Clay has since presented for a group of high school students I mentor, and it was simply AMAZING! Dr. Clay can captivate students with laughter, rapping, and a jovial personality in a way that they trust and connect with him. He is truly a gifted educator and deserving of the Life Changer of the year Award.

Capathia Price Campbell Posted over a year ago

Wow! What a privilege it was to hear Dr. Clay speak this weekend at the MSEA MLK Breakfast. Dr. Clay speaks to you so that the GOATS can reach "it " - It meaning the positive message on how educators may engage students. Dr. Clay keep doing what you are doing! Teaching educators... how to demand the best from marginalized students! Even when society has had a history of marginalizing students of color.

Tilda M Holloway Posted over a year ago

Dr. William Clay deserves this honor more than anyone I know, he has devoted his professional career to underserved youth in the public school system giving them a voice like no other could. His gift of aspiring Hope to children is no coincidence whereby he spent a portion of his early years in a small city approximately (11.5 square miles) called "Hopewell! I am sure he was keenly aware of the disparities even then! He was called by an entity higher than himself to travel across the nation to educational, religious, and community settings to counsel, teach and inspire, leaving those places better than he first encountered them. Dr. William Clay is aka Dr. William "FLIP" Clay because he shifts and FLIPS the script changing the trajectory of many lives along the way! His infallible, influential, informative unique delivery of doing so is signature to only him! He is certainly a game changer as evidenced by a multitude of testimonials of those he encountered. He put in the hard work to prepare himself by various avenues; from Job Corp to universities to accomplish whatever he sets his heart and mind to do. Dr. Clay is Awesome at his chosen professional career counseling!

Tina Brown Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. Clay several years ago through an associate of mine, who had me watch a presentation and read a book of his entitled, "The Diary Of An Emotionally Constipated Man." The title alone sparked my interest, but then when I saw that he was using an actual toilet as a prop, I was blown away. It was so unusual, but made perfect sense. I remember thinking this man is a genius to use it in such a profound way, where you would plainly see and understand his point of view. It was so captivating. I could tell he had a heart to help the young men and women in our community, many who were suffering from this very thing, but didn't quite understand it. It was evident that he wanted to make a difference and really cared for the people in his communities. He has also made contributions to my church, in efforts to help those in need. His hard work and dedication makes him stand out among the rest. This is why I think Dr. Clay should be Life Changer Of The Year

Rosana Rojas- Cortez Posted over a year ago

Dr.Clay has helped a lot when I was in middle school along with a few other teachers. But he has helped a lot, He's very caring, reasonable and you can trust him. He helps a lot with my mental health and academics. He's empathic to the people he talks to and will try to help in any way he can. I am very honored that I've gotten to meet him in my time of need.

Jacqueline Mendoza Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay changed my life. I was at the lowest point in my life. I was afraid to attend school or step into class. Dr. Clay allowed me to sit in the guidance office every day until I felt comfortable enough to join my classmates. He stuck by me and encouraged me every day. Even when I was at my worst he never gave up on me. He provided a safe space to help me deal with my trauma as well as open up about it. He went out of his way to help me and no amount of words could ever express how grateful I am that he did when I needed it the most. I want to sincerely thank you Dr. Clay for not just helping me get through my biggest struggles but for helping other students with theirs as well. You saved our lives.

Ronnie Winston Posted over a year ago

I had an opportunity to go to undergrad and work with Dr. Clay

Phelecia Nembhard Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is the real deal. He has been helping kids unlock their true potential for a very long time. I have worked with him and have seen firsthand the level of care and resources that he dishes out daily on a golden plate. You have to see it to realize the true unlocking of their greatest potential. As Mayor of the City of New Carrollton I am happy and thankful for the impacts of his footprint that he has left behind to encourage and uplift the students and parents for generations to come. Dr. Clay the mission continues. Thank you for being a part of us and we will emulate your great deeds and will only strive for excellence because that is the expectation.

Dr. Chike Akua Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for almost two decades and in that time he has consistently demonstrated innovative, solution-centered approaches to reaching and transforming those students that other deem unreachable. Dr. Clay’s commitment is second to none. He is a treasure to the communities he serves and deserves to be recognized at the highest level for the wonderful work he does. In addition, his unique approaches and methods should be carefully studied by those who desire to get authentic results in serving under-served students.

LaBreaha Butler Posted over a year ago

I thank God for Dr.Clay, and his heart to give to the outreach ministry of I AM the Church. Because of his generous donation, we were able to bless and impact the lives of the homeless, less fortunate, and displaced individuals that were in need. Dr. Clay is very passionate in supporting organizations that help to make an outstanding impact in the community, and the world. So glad our paths had a chance to pass. Thank God for Dr. Clay

J. W. Piercy, III. Posted over a year ago

I have known Dr. Clay for over 30 years. He is definitely a Man of Purpose and one that is able to find the positives in situations and bring them out. Dr. Clay has the ability to find "the Rose that comes from concrete," work with it, and help it flourish. Dr. Clay is an effective teacher, role model, and supporter. Pay attention to his words, as you may find wisdom in them. Pay attention to his actions, as you will find the right way to approach a situation. Dr. Clay is PHENOMENAL, and I hope that you will be as blessed as I am to know him.

Jessica Kamber Posted over a year ago

I was a young elementary school counselor who won a scholarship to the American School Counselor Association's annual conference. I went to the conference ready to learn from more seasoned counselors and implement best, effective, and new practices to change students back at my school back in Pennsylvania. I was fortunate enough to attend Dr. Clay's "Flip's" session and he not only energized the crowd like none other, but he inspired me to model a program he ran with boys of color in my own school where 98% of my students were of Hispanic descent. This program that he ran incorporated social emotional programming, counseling, sports, and mentorship. Dr. Clay equipt me as a white woman to work with my students who were not only different than me in gender but also in racial and ethnic identity. I modeled my group after Dr. Clay's and gave them the name "Little Men of Roberto," much like his group was named after his school. These students earned their shirts and wore them proudly around the school. Additionally, these students had a drastic drop in disciplinary referrals. Dr. Clay's model was effectively done and motivational to my students. To this day, Dr. Clay's workshop is still the most phenomenal training I have been to, and I know that he is the changemaker that is not only impacting his students but his impact on change has impacted students far beyond his building.

Michael J. Robinson Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is an awesome presenter, he hosted our program Stars Foundation during our after-school programs. He is a humble guy and truly cares about children. We worked together in PGCPS and I observed him for years. I fully recommend him for life changer of the year. Great person.

LaWanda Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. William Clay and that was one of the best years of my counseling career. I witnessed firsthand how Dr. Clay connected with his students and collaborated with his colleagues. Dr. Clay is very down to earth and relatable to his students which allows them to feel comfortable in sharing their issues and concerns with him. Dr. Clay is very passionate about his students and he is a gifted Professional School Counselor. Dr. Clay definitely deserves the honor of receiving the Life Changing Award because that’s what he does, he changes lives on a regular basis.

Dr. Sonya Ford Posted over a year ago

I have watched Dr. Clay evolve into the "LifeChanger" that he is today. He has a heart to make a difference in the lives of the students he serves. His selfless nature has led to his creation of life-changing programs for young people. He tirelessly and effortlessly gives his all. His presentation style is energetic and captivating, always with a message of uplift and empowerment. Not only does Dr. Clay make a difference in the lives of his students, he also supports and encourages their parents and guardians. Dr. Clay does not keep his knowledge to himself, he shares it with other educators across the nation through his dynamic presentations. Dr. Clay is more than deserving of this accolade.

LaWanda Bryant Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. William Clay and that was one of the best years of my counseling career. I got to witness firsthand how Dr. Clay connected with his students and collaborated with his colleagues. Dr. Clay is very down to earth and relatable to the students which allows them to feel comfortable in sharing their issues and concerns with him. Dr. Clay is very passionate about his students and he is a gifted Professional School Counselor. He definitely deserves to be honored with the Life Changing Award because that’s what he does, he changes lives on a regular basis.

Dr. Taiwanna De’Shone Anthony Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a dynamic educator. He’s compassionate, empathetic, and measured. Dr. Clay wears his heart on his sleeves. He loves what he does. It shows throughout his work with his scholars. He has the patience of Job and a strong dominant work ethic. Dr. Clay is most deserving of this award and many more. He is the best!

Dr. Walter McCollum Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is the epitome of a social change advocate. He has spent his entire career impacting change in the lives of one student at a time, in one community at a time. I’ve had the distinct honor of knowing and working with Dr. Clay in Men’s ministry for over a decade. His genuine passion and commitment to changing the lives of men is beyond measure. Through his books and workshops, he’s been able to captivate audiences and bring healing and change to family dynamics around the world! Dr. Clay is also a scholar. I had the privilege of mentoring him through his doctoral journey many years ago, and I stand very proud of who he has become and what he has accomplished. He’s definitely one to watch in years to come. There's no other person more deserving of the Life Changer of the Year award than Dr. Clay!

Sylvia Morrison Posted over a year ago

I met Dr. Clay at an event in Maryland and right away, I knew he was special. We were in the green room of the event where he, myself and others graciously introduced ourselves. We talked about many subjects and I was delighted to learn he was an educator with an emphasis on being a counselor. As our friendship developed, I learned of his project with Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. She visited his school as a result of Dr. Clay’s project! I was simply amazed. I learned afterwards that he was doing a similar project highlighting Mrs. Michelle Obama. It was another project the students could partake in. Excited I was asked to portray Mrs. Obama, I had a front row seat to witness his connection with the students. They followed his instructions, listened carefully to his direction and the excitement was amazing. Dr. Clay changes lives. In my experience knowing him he has shown a certain flair for doing just that. I can only imagine what this whole world would be like if they followed his lead. I believe it could change the world!

Rhonda Greene Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is a change agent. His purpose and mission is to effect change in the lives of our young people. He does an outstanding job at teaching, mentoring, role modeling and going beyond the greatest of lengths to support our youth. Dr. Clay’s efforts are done tirelessly and with one goal in mind, and that is to protect and preserve our youth and provide them with an opportunity to succeed in a world where they are voiceless and faceless. I thank GOD for Dr. Clay and I stand in full support of all that he does for our children. He is one of our greatest assets and our most precious treasures. Thank you for all that you do Dr. Clay. I pray that time and great health continue to shine upon you. Rhonda Greene

Bruce Herbert Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! Two Words, "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!" I invited Dr. Clay to facilitate a workshop for a men's group on Emotional Wholeness; by the time Flip was finished, healing was EVER SO PRESENT! Some men became free enough to share the deepest secrets of their lives and walk away with a sense of hope and joy. If you've never attended any of Dr. Clay's workshops, I suggest you do so. The seminars are fun, interactive and life-changing. Thanks again Dr. Clay!

Donovan Dreyer Posted over a year ago

Dr. William "Flip" Clay gave the best presentation at the ASCA national conference in New Orleans. As a fellow presenter, I was taking notes on his specific material- but I also deeply soaked in his artistry as a speaker. I was dazzled- he had us laughing, singing, rapping, welling up with tears and fully engaged from start to finish. Dr. Clay has a true gift as a speaker, instructor and expert on the needs of modern youth. Do not pass up an opportunity to learn from or work with this difference maker!

Selina Goodman Posted over a year ago

My son and I met Dr. Clay at a Prince George's County Public School Mentorship program in 2010. There, Dr. Clay and my son formed a mentor/mentee relationship. Dr. Clay helped to instill good morals and values in Wan and encouraged Wan not to follow the wrong crowd of people, but rather, do the right thing and GOD will take care of the rest. In 2021 I decided to write a book and immediately I remembered Dr. Clay was successful at writing and publishing several of his own books. I reached out to Dr. Clay and without hesitation he agreed to mentor me with writing my 1st book. When I was writing my book Dr. Clay recognized I was entering into a dark place by reliving my past while writing about it. It was then Dr. Clay voluntarily became my life coach. Thank You Flip for being there for Wan and I.

Jermaine N. Johnson Posted over a year ago

Dr.Clay was my elementary school Guidance Counselor back in the mid 90’s. I will never forget his impact within the school. I am now in my early 30’s and we reconnected a few years ago. To see the work he’s accomplished and still doing doesn’t surprise me. I am the CEO of a nonprofit mentoring organization for young males of color and he’s been one of my biggest supporters. Whenever I speak to the youth I share stories about him. Dr. Clay is a great man, educator, community leader, and change agent. He is what we need more of in our communities!

Jewrly Franco Posted over a year ago

Dr.Clay was my middle school counselor; he changed my life as soon as I stepped into his office. I was going through so much emotional and mental trauma, he helped me see life through a different lens. He made me see there is so much worth living for. He was one of the first adults who made me learn how to trust. He always made time for me & for all of the kids, even when he was busy he still made time, always showing genuine love and care for EVERYONE in our school. Dr.Clay still treated us with the same care even when he officially stopped being our counselor when we moved to the eighth grade. I know he still goes above and beyond. He is one of this world's best human beings and this award could not go to someone better. Thank you Dr.Clay for everything, the time, dedication, effort, love, and unconditional support. Thank you because I would not be where I am without you.

Joshua Omolola Posted over a year ago

Dr. Clay is the embodiment of love, care and support for me and many of my peers at Charles Carroll Middle school. His commitment to the students shows his passion for youth and their success. Without his support and mentorship I wouldn’t be who or where I am today. Thank you Dr. Flip!