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Christopher Carter

Position: Ninth Grade English Teacher
School: North Shore 9th Grade Campus
School District: Galena Park ISD
City, State: Houston, TX

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Christopher Carter was nominated by Angelia Carter, a family member.

There are two important days in a person's life: the day they are born, and the day they understand why. Mr. Carter is a remarkable human being who learned at an early age that being an educator was a mission given to him by God.

Mr. Carter is an aspiring educational leader whose leadership is concerned with transforming and progressing a situation toward positive social change. With an emphasis on student achievement and success, he uses his strengths of empathy, positivity, and relationship-building to foster a climate of collaboration and achievement at his campus. He is a selfless servant leader who serves first, then leads.

"As a first-generation college student, he uses his passion and tenacious spirit for student success to foster an atmosphere of connectedness, inclusivity, and community in his daily operations," said Mrs. Carter. "He is an empathic and active listener who is committed to fostering the growth of others and assisting others in maximizing their true potential."

"In addition to serving as an outstanding English teacher, he also serves as an academic team leader and new teacher mentor at his campus," explains Mrs. Carter. "As a campus leader, he has led many campus initiatives, such as staff celebrations to increase staff morale and interactions."

As the 2019 campus and district rookie teacher of the year, Mr. Carter has continued to uphold high moral and ethical standards by empowering new teachers to become their best selves. Mr. Carter is an innovative professional with an eye for change and advocacy. During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Carter applied for and was awarded a technology grant for his classroom, allowing him to create a high-achieving hybrid experience for his students. 

"To enter his classroom is to be in the presence of greatness," said Mrs. Carter.

Comments (55)

Sabrina Lopez Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of starting my first year of teaching with Mr. Carter who is an amazing English teacher, but before an educator he is a light. Carter embodies an iridescent light that shines all shades of love, support, compassion, and leadership. Carter's presence will light up the room with laughter, encouragement, and support. During our first meeting I remember the conversation I had with Carter and it was so selfless; he was center focused on making sure my expectations for starting the year out at North Shore 9 was a choice I was not going to regret. He offered me words of encouragement and did not try to tell me what the best teacher is but how my qualities and my abilities will make my teaching unique, showing me we all have the ability to make a difference with the tools we already have. His words of affirmation spoke peace over the anxiety of starting out, and I can say proudly, if it was not far Carter on my English team I would be lost. His light is what makes my first year experience unique, because looking at how he shines not only for himself but for the students, staff, and friends makes Carter the life changer of the year. I am proud to call you a friend! You deserve this and more Carter.

Alora Allen Posted over a year ago

One of the best things that came from attending Bowling Green State University is meeting Christopher Carter. I remember coming in as a freshman, trying to find my place on campus, and not having much success, feeling as if I did not belong. Then along came a campus event where they invited different organizations to showcase themselves in hopes that people would want to join. When I walked around, I stopped at a table for an organization called ‘The Voices of BGSU’ and was greeted with the warmest smile from Christopher Carter. The conversation we had was one of the first times I felt seen on campus. He was so excited to get to know me and intentional about making me feel welcomed within his organization. As the years go on, I am still in awe with his passion for teaching and music. He has become not only a leader but a mentor for so many. He continues to live with passion and commitment in everything he does, and it inspires me to do the same in my life. That is what I consider a life-changer to be. They influence and inspire others by pouring themselves in everything they do. They lead by actions so profound, they become the example.

Ericka Alvarado Posted over a year ago

The first time I met Mr. Carter I thought he was a crazy teacher because he always sings to his students, but once you get to know him, you can really put your trust in him. He can understand people's problems and he is all ears open. I was having some problems last semester which created a lot of anxiety in my life. One day I confided in Mr. Carter about my situation and he was very supportive. He assured me everything would be okay and to remain positive. He really makes people smile and brings out the joy in all of us.

Orlando Williams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter has a heart for people. He always goes beyond the extra mile to ensure that others feel included and special. Mr. Carter always celebrate the accomplishments of how students, family, friends, and colleagues. He quickly jump at opportunities to help others. Mr. Carter is innovative and always bring a fresh perspective to consider. Mr. Carter operates in excellence, grace, and most of all genuine love. I am honored and privileged to know Mr. Carter. I salute and honor you Mr. Carter and the outstanding service you provide continuously and selflessly to the lives you touch.

Amanda Dean Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Carter for several years. He taught my son as well. Mr. Carter has the ability to open students' minds to literature and writing. I saw this with my son who struggled with English classes all through school. When he was in Mr. Carter's class, he flourished and was able to pass his state assessment on the first try. Mr. Carter's students succeed because of his passion and dedication to them and his craft.

Barika Noris Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter works tirelessly to inspire his students to perform at a high level. His dedication to teaching is reflected in his popularity among students, teachers, and parents. Consistently going above and beyond in every area is another quality that Mr. Carter possesses. He strives for excellence and strives to be his best at all times. Mr. Carter constantly collaborates with his 9th grade team and department to decide what is best for his students. His verbal and nonverbal communication skills establish a climate of trust and mutual respect among everyone. Students, teachers, and parents respect his supportive interactions on a daily basis. When unsure about a subject, Mr. Carter is never ashamed to ask for clarification and is always discovering new ways to teach students by engaging them through his daily interactive lessons. These lessons are not just for his students, but are shared with his department to ensure the success of all students! From his positive attitude to his willingness to do whatever it takes to help students learn, Mr. Carter has quickly become a leader on our campus. I am honored to have such a wonderful teacher, learner, and leader working at North Shore 9th Grade Center!

James Colunga Posted over a year ago

Have you ever felt unprotected or insecure? Well, I did a lot at the beginning of this school year. I’ve always thought that this class would be just like any other class. I WAS WRONG! After days went by, me and Mr. Carter got closer and closer! Mr. Carter always makes sure that me and everyone else around me are okay. I realized that Mr. Carter treats us as if we were his kids; he makes sure we are always headed in the right direction in life. Even when the day comes when we have to go to 10th grade, Mr. Carter will always be there for us to talk to him. I never liked reading class because it was so much for me; however, the way Mr. Carter teaches us, demands my attention and makes me want to learn, have a better life for myself, and not give up because there are plenty of ways to solve a problem. No matter how Mr. Carter is feeling, he always has a smile on his face and is ready to teach us. That's why I love him because I feel safe and well-educated in his class.

Madilyn Lucas Posted over a year ago

Outstanding, caring, friendly, and supportive; these are all words that describe Mr. Carter and his unique personality. Mr. Carter is one of the many teachers I have met this year and I’m so glad he has come into my life. I feel that I have become more friendly because he greeted me every morning and struk up a conversation that never failed to make me smile. He makes me want to be a better person and to do better in school; he inspiers me. Mr. Carter has such an outstanding personality that when you meet him, you wont forget about him. His loud voice and energetic vibe its kind of hard to not notice when he’s in the room. He makes every day so fun and unforgettable. I truly am grateful that he is my English teacher this year.

Rachell Trejo Posted over a year ago

Everyone knows Mr.Carter is an amazing teacher who shows that he actually cares about his students well beings. He has his own method of teaching which inspires me to do my work when I'm in his class or when I'm out of class. He is a teacher that acknowledges that his students aren’t robots that just do work and work endlessly. He allows us to take short breaks such as going to the restroom, taking a step out of the class to breathe, and simply just talks to us just to make sure that we as human beings are okay. It was after thanksgiving break when I had not been feeling joyful; but gloomy. I was along the wall of Mr. Carter's class walking waiting to enter. As I approached him, he noticed I wasn’t smiling. He took me aside and asked, “Are you okay?”. I didn’t know what to say since I had trouble expressing myself at times. I nodded yes because I was too ashamed to say a lie to him since he was an idol to me. Not someone I wanted to become, but a person who inspired me to do better. At that time I was not okay, but just him taking the time out of his day. It made me smile since I felt noticed. It made me smile that someone actually cared. After, that experience with Mr. Carter I felt much respect for him and I realized that just by asking someone if they are okay could change their mood. He is by far my favorite teacher. Mr. Carter has the best way of teaching in my opinion. The way he teaches is in order but with different subjects. He keeps you awake with excitement and rewards you for answering questions.

Morgan Goodwin Posted over a year ago

Mahatma Gandhi once said the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I can think of no one this way of life applies to more than Christopher Carter. I have had the pleasure of knowing Christopher for over a decade and I have never seen someone with such passion and dedication for the education and empowerment of our youth. Christopher knows the impact he has in a students life can reach much farther than a classroom. He has spent every day of his life working toward the goal of making them aware of how precious and important they are in the world, and the capability they have to create amazing change in their lifetime. Christopher understands that to be an educator is to also be a mentor, a leader, a champion, and a protector. He has an empathetic heart that reaches out to the students with the hope of feeding their minds and their souls. Christopher has found his life‘s purpose in fostering the imagination of students and encouraging them to pursue their wildest dreams. He challenges them to be the best version of themselves and works selflessly and tirelessly to provide them with the tools they need to be successful in that pursuit.

Brieontae Taylor Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter! Mr. Carter! What is it that this young man cannot do? Although we are assigned to different campuses in the district, Mr. Carter's reputation transcends to all campuses and departments. I have worked alongside him in the English profession for a few years, and his energy is unmatched. During professional development, he always provides creative ideas and insight that causes teachers to reevaluate their thinking and deepens their understanding. Not only does he promote teacher success, but he also builds student achievement by building rapport and positive interactions with students. Often, I see students in the hallway, and I ask them who their teachers were the previous year. It warms my heart to experience the excitement that comes with "My teacher was Mr. Carter!" His many hats allow him to reach a multitude of students, and it says a lot when a student remembers a teacher's name. That's life-changing!

Antuan Hairston Posted over a year ago

Life changing is one of many words that come to mind when describing Chris Carter. Chris never ceases to change the lives of the people he meets through his passions and life dedications. He teaches his students with transformative instruction, attention, and care. Through his love of music Chris has always had the special ability to bring many together in song. When Chris is not changing lives through his life’s passions, he is changing the lives of others by simply being himself. As a male educator of color he provides a shining example of what a powerful yet caring man looks like and as an aspiring leader in education he will continue to change lives through the work he desires in life. Chris Carter personally changed my life and many others when he stepped onto the campus of Bowling Green State University and decided to create his own choir. Witnessing the sparks he has and seeing him share that with others is something truly special. This trailblazing mindset and will pushed me to strive and find my own value in the discipline I dedicated my life to which changed my life forever. To know Chris, is to be changed forever

Chasten coleman Posted over a year ago

Growing up, a father figure was something I did not have. It was very hard growing up not knowing how to be a young girl without guidance from a man’s perspective. It wasn’t until I met the most inspiring man to ever come into my life, Mr. Carter. This man was the literal light to my life he has helped me and gave me the most needed advice any young girl or person could ever need. I consider him to be truly inspiring, sympathetic, and big-hearted person. When I need advice about a boy or just need someone to talk to, I know I can always run to him when I’m at my lowest. Mr. Carter is truly rare because he persuaded me to have more confidence and chance my dreams. Because of him, I now believe in myself.

Sara Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter saved my life, in a way. I see him as a protector, teacher, and an angel nonetheless. When I started my freshman year, I didn’t plan on talking much, telling people about my life along with making friends or really even trying. I had convinced myself that it was just school and nobody cared about my life, me, or anything I had to say. I thought my opinion did not matter and neither did I. Mr. Carter helped me by slowly introducing me into an actual student-teacher relationship.I had never felt so strongly appreciated, watched after, and listened to my entire life. For once, I actually thought I had a chance in life and maybe even gained a reason to keep my life going. He always makes a strong effort to make his students feel loved and confident in not only their work but themselves. As a 15-year-old female, I strongly based myself on nothing but unrealistic expectations of myself, my work, and overall mental state. Walking into my freshman year was hard because growing up I never had an actual proper mindset, adult figure, and overall life. In the beginning of my freshman year, I will admit my family life somewhat hit the fan, and it took a very large toll on me, all of a sudden I didn’t care anymore, not to eat, breath, school work, absolutely nothing I felt comfortable alone and in a way disconnected from not only life but the work in all. Mr.carter saved my life he helped me express myself and vent through writing, and putting my emotions on paper whether it was my actual feelings or just writing a story to calm myself down, I soon realized just how much he had helped me. Never in my life had I ever felt like an actual person and not just something that was there because of a misguided mother. Mr.Carter has always made an effort to not only make me feel better but stand up for me even when I never asked for it. He always makes an effort to make learning not only just learning but an overall life lesson, something to sit and think about and really put it into perspective. Mr. Carter showed me teachers can truly care, and they do. He really made me appreciate life and, overall, just wanted to live. He's a great man.

Felix Hudson Posted over a year ago

There are many reasons why Mr. Carter is an outstanding educator and why he deserves this award. When I walked into Mr. Carter’s classroom at the beginning of this year, I didn’t expect he would be the teacher to change my life because he believes in me. Mr. Carter is the teacher who teaches me with patience, taking me step by step on every assignment. Mr. Carter is a person I could run to if I ever needed something to talk about, including my personal life. Mr. Carter won’t judge or put your business out to the world. Mr. Carter is the reason why I can write how I write, example: this essay that I'm writing now. Mr. Carter is the reason why I enjoy coming to school everyday. He's a trustworthy individual, a real friend, and is a concerning and caring person. To hear Mr. Carter get nominated for the Outstanding Teacher award, I have to go above and beyond on this essay. Out of all teachers I have ever met, it is very accurate to hear Mr. Carter was the only teacher in North Shore to get nominated. To the nominators, it would make my year if I was to get the news that my best friend/educator Mr. Carter won this award.

Aubry Davila Posted over a year ago

Mr.Carter is my English teacher and is someone of good character that you can look up to. He has shown me that having a good strong backbone can get you to so many new places in life. He wants us to all know that confidence is key no matter what and to always be happy within ourselves so we can overcome any obstacles in our personal lives. He has also been able to give us a great example of true leadership; inspiring us to believe that we can accomplish anything on our own with the confidence within ourselves.

Jade Panares Posted over a year ago

Chris Carter was assigned to be my campus mentor during my first year of teaching choir! Aside from being the most supportive and fun person ever, he also invited me to sing with his ensemble: Voices of Houston, and from the very first rehearsal, my life was changed. As a professional musician who has performed with many a group, I would like to attest the space he has cultivated is so special. There is a strong sense of community, grace, and love. The music is top tier glorious and fun. His energy and expectations of the members encourage us to support each other, and it feels like a family. I try to share my own version of this energy with my students and I have seen the difference it makes in my own teaching. It doesn’t feel like work, but truly creating moments of art with young musicians. Post pandemic music making was very scary, and this group and the members in it rekindled my love for music. Anyone that interacts with Chris would know that he is blessed, and his generosity of his spirit and energy is contagious. The work he does is hard, but everything is done well. I’m so proud and lucky to call him a colleague and friend. I can’t wait to see more of his impact on the world.

Raven Causey Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this great honor. Chris is a light in this world that shines brightly in every room he steps foot in. Within and beyond the classroom, Chris's spirit, tenacity, and enthusiasm can make even the dullest individual believe in their own illumination. His work speaks volumes for itself as he has never met a challenge that he could not overcome. When I think of Chris, I think of the greatest change makers this world has ever seen. I have no doubt that Chris will continue to positively impact the countless lives he touches. I look forward to seeing how his purpose continues to unfold.

Claudelle Lilly Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is young man I have watch grow into the Beautiful thoughtful loving person he is today from a little boy to a grown man he's always cared for people he's always had a heart for the fellow man Christopher I'm so very proud of all your accomplishments dedication and throughout some of your most hardships you prevailed you stay focused and you continue to stay focused I look forward to seeing where you go from here I'm so proud to know you

Karufus Lymon Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is an exceptional educator who loves working with children. During our summer camp program at Dorothy’s Montessori Center, Christopher asked could he come in and read to the students. As the school administrator I was excited to see a young male who was enthusiastic about reading and devoting his spare time to our youth. When Christopher arrived I did not know what to expect. As he began to read and speak with the students he instantly took control of the classroom and had all of the students focused on his reading material. There was something about him that made the students gravitate toward him and govern themselves accordingly. He illustrated a great deal of patience with all of the students and lead them in an excellent group discussion centered around the reading material. My students are still asking today, “when is Mr Christopher coming back to read again?". This is an educator who left a great impression on my students it gives me great pleasure to nominate this young man for Lifechanger Of the Year. Karufu Lymon Director/Educator

Nancy Silva Posted over a year ago

From the moment that I met Mr. Carter I knew he had a passion for teaching. He also has a way of igniting that passion in other people. As the librarian on our campus, I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Carter. He created a "Writer's Café" in our library where students were able to go through different stations while working on a writing composition. He had parent volunteers and we all dressed up as waiters and waitresses. He personally served students as they worked their way through the stations. It was such a memorable experience for the students and for the staff working there as well. He turned a difficult task into a fun one that I know students will remember for years to come. I love that he not only motivates his students, but through his modeling, motivates the adults around him. I believe that he truly deserves this award.

Whitley Savage Posted over a year ago

It is difficult to work alongside Mr. Carter and be in his presence without desiring to grow. He has such a positive, inviting, contagious energy that attracts many different personalities – he is someone you want to approach whether you need a shoulder, need to be acknowledged for doing well, or are momentarily enraged. This year, I have had the privilege of working with him as co-mentors to our eighteen first- and second-year teachers on campus. In meetings he has facilitated he has taught the new teachers what it means to be a professional in an educational setting, how to present oneself, how to manage discipline, how to effectively communicate with parents, and what it means to build solid relationships with students to ensure their success. He has taken the time to enter their classrooms and come up with constructive and effective ways to make them better teachers and I have seen improvements from both the new teachers and their respective students as a result. Not only has he been a support for the new teachers, but he has also played an important supportive role for me as a first-year leader on campus. He welcomed me to North Shore my first year and made me feel like I could come to him for anything within the first five minutes of engaging with him. He always has an open door and I have walked into it in need of reassurance or advice many times – I always walk away from our conversations feeling encouraged, uplifted, and prepared. It is no surprise that Mr. Carter would be considered for an award titled Life Changer of the Year – I cannot imagine a life Mr. Carter has encountered that has not been positively impacted as a result.

DeMona Habel Posted over a year ago

I met Christopher Carter at the age of 7. I knew then that he was a remarkable human being. Always willing to learn and eager to help. Over the years I watched him blossom into a wonderful young man that we are all proud of.. Christopher is unique and every sense of the word. He has a heart of giving and a true teacher. Christopher taught me that kindness comes in all packages and all sizes big little young old Rich and poor.The best way that I can describe Christopher is a beautiful human being inside and out. He's a blessing to behold his presence. Christopher is like a nephew to me and he calls me auntie and I am honored to know him. We love him. Chris is the dream child of every parent. I can't think of a better person on this Earth that is worthy of this award then Christopher Carter.

Kenequia Parker Posted over a year ago

Christopher (Chris) Carter is an exceptionally talented young man with bright ideas and creative teaching techniques. Chris is an alumnus of the Coleman A. Young Foundation in Detroit, MI and he always finds time to volunteer with our youth and/or to show his support in other ways. He is caring, empathetic, goal oriented and he loves music and he loves to teach English! To have Chris on your team or apart of your organization is a true gift!

Ardelia davis Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is a very respectful man. I have known him all his life. He has always been that care giving person with a heart of gold. From the time he was a little boy I knew that he would grow up to be someone special and great in whatever he set out to do in life. He has shown this in so many ways. The most special thing about Chris as I call him is that he treats his mother with reverence. I admire his determination when he strongly believes in something. His warm energy brings people together.

Coniyah McKinney Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is one of the greatest visionaries that I know. Chris is filled with so much love and passion and it shows in everything that he does. I had the privilege of Chris mentoring me while I was a high school student in his Alma mater high school choir. He instilled many lessons in me that I would take into my own personal endeavors. Chris has challenged me to be a servant-leader with my passion and I am extremely grateful for that. I have gone from being his mentee to being his friend and colleague. Chris has the power to evoke any positive attribute that he sets his mind to. Chris is so deserving of this award and I wish him more sensational success.

Peggy Walter Posted over a year ago

It is an absolute delight to wholeheartedly support Christopher Carter's nomination for the LifeChanger award! He is a truly extraordinary young man -- gifted in so many ways, mature well beyond his years, and who lives every day of his life graciously serving, encouraging, mentoring, empowering and being an inspiration to others of all ages. Chris is ALL about giving of himself to others - and with his enormous positive energy, amazing creativity, genuinely caring, self-less attitude, and his beautiful loving spirit, he has already profoundly impacted more people's lives than can be imagined. I met Chris when I was asked to be on my church's Search Committee for a new Choir Director. As a life-long professional musician and Human Resources executive, my first reaction in reading Chris' extensive resume was "there's no way anyone could have accomplished all this - especially at his age"... But when I spoke extensively with several of his references, each one just raved on and on about him personally, and about the enormous impact he'd had --both on other students’ lives whom he’d encouraged to join various groups and then made sure received the necessary training to be successful -- and also on the school itself, through the various programs he initiated and then mentored. We invited Chris to audition with our Choir, and from that very first night, throughout the 4 years he's served as our Director, it's been abundantly clear that he is indeed the "Real Deal" -- a truly exceptional young man whose life is passionately dedicated to nurturing, mentoring and supporting other people in changing and improving their lives. In short – he is a genuine Life Changer!!

Tiffany Leonard Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter you are such an AMAZING person, teacher, and friend. You are very passionate when it comes to others and their well being. I always see you redirecting the students in the hallway encouraging them to be better, so they can do better to be more successful in life. You lead by being the example and you lead with such inspiration. Your spirit is always positive and your smile can brighten a person's truly does for me. Thank you for having that awesome personality you bring to our campus daily and giving us the best version of youself. Best wishes!

Kristen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter is one of the most amazing humans I have ever met. He genuinely cares about everyone he comes across, and he shows it with his words and actions. He consistently goes out of his way to make sure that everyone around him is taken care of and has whatever they need to be successful in life. At school, he not only feeds students' minds (exceptionally well), but he nurtures their souls and empowers them to be their best selves. I am extremely proud to a part of his life!

Jasimi Haynes Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter brings exciting new ideas to life. It is admirable to see Mr. Carter's growth and achievement as an educator. Mr. Carter impressed me with his commitment to lifelong learning. He has successfully collaborated with his colleagues, taken advantage of several professional development opportunities, and provided professional development training for his campus employees. Mr. Carter is charismatic and creative, and he thinks outside the box. He has shown excellent classroom management skills and developed a rapport with students, colleagues, and parents that is characterized by mutual respect and high standards. Lastly, he is a talented individual in which I enjoy hearing his lovely voice over the announcements. I am truly proud of you Mr. Carter and Congrats!

Allyson Simmons Posted over a year ago

Becoming a teacher is an extremely exciting, yet terrifying time. I was worried about many things. In 2018 when I came to my school I was so blessed to have made the transition at the same time as Mr. Carter. I have very bad social anxiety from meeting new people, but he just has such a warm, caring spirit that I NEVER felt nervous around him, as I’m sure his students would also agree. I have taken so much advice from him, so many words of wisdom, so much love and care. I talk to Mr. Carter because not only do I feel like he listens to me, but his caring, compassionate nature made so many things that much easier to get through. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would want to be in his class. His students thrive, everytime I walk in, heads are down, purposeful conversation is happening and most importantly, you can feel the joy and determination as soon as you enter his classroom. Mr. Carter was truly born with the gift of education and leadership. He’s so amazing, it’s hard to put into words. He puts 110% into everything he does and it shows. I feel absolutely blessed and honored to call him my friend AND colleague.

Charlene Culpepper Posted over a year ago

I have taught with Mr. Carter for the past several years, so I get to observe him interacting with students, teachers, administrators, and parents on a daily basis. He truly embodies the spirit and meaning of a LifeChanger. He holds his students to a high standard and pushes them to reach their potential. He is approachable for his kids, and he really fills the role of mentor, counselor, and teacher for them. Recently, he had a student teacher, and he went above and beyond to make that a great experience. He is positive and contributes in countless ways to the positive campus culture, and it is rare to see him without a smile on his face. Mr. Carter's natural leadership abilities make him a huge asset to the school, his students and his co-workers. Mr. Carter is a difference-maker, who is extremely deserving of this recognition.

Stacey Rhodes Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter better known to our faculty and staff as well as hundreds of students as Mr. Carter. I have personally had the privilege of working with Mr. Carter for the past four years which he has thoroughly impressed me as a teacher and colleague. While I am of the age to be his mother, I have personally learned so much from his contagious daily attitude of problem solving to such a positive impact to student success. He always lights up the hall around his classroom with his encouraging smile and awesome personality. If he has ever had a bad day, I have not known about it, as Mr. Carter’s professional and caring demeanor are always on display. During these four years I have witnessed many positive relationships developed between Mr. Carter and his students. The teaching style he utilizes is one of being a passionate leader and making everything he does over the top. I have witnessed him serve as the Team Leader, where his invitation for me to join his team has been such a blessing being able to work alongside him with so many students. On Mr. Carter’s team, I have been allowed to witness his strengths of empathy and positivity towards the students. His focus is to motivate and encourage students along the way with not only academics and attendance but everyday behavior and the goal to be a better human being as well. Over the years we have shared many of the same students due to them being on the same team. I see him as servant leader who has transformed several students from some very challenging backgrounds, who without Mr. Carter may have otherwise given up. Yet, Mr. Carter has such a supportive nature in leading our students to do the right thing in life, he can motivate them with incentives and heart felt compassion towards their personal lives. I have noticed he allows them to be who they are with just the right molding and examples of life to make them think about their future. One particularly troubled young man who was recently transferred to an alternative campus for various discipline issues was really down. I went over to the campus and spent some time speaking with him and how each of us as teachers cared for him and wanted the best for him. At that moment as I was naming each of his teachers when I got to Mr. Carter’s name he stopped listening to his music and looked up from his computer and asked if I could please tell Mr. Carter hello and that he did miss his class. It was like hearing Mr. Carter’s name made a huge impact. Another occasion I must share is on our “Meet the Parents” night, Mr. Carter goes out of his way to bring up homemade fried chicken and fresh watermelon for all that visit his classroom to enjoy. During our faculty and staff development meetings, you can count on him being the best in his group to pull his team members together with either an awesome made-up song or an outstanding PowerPoint. The old saying “Go Big or Go Home” needs to be his slogan because he is definitely a man with a huge heart and if I had to sum up one word to describe Mr. Carter it would have to be “Kindness” Another moving example is of a student we shared who was very much into card tricks. This young man would bring those cards with him and on his down time after he completed his work, he would want to share what he could do. Mr. Carter and I would talk about how this young man would share his tricks and how Mr. Carter would allow him the time and took the time to show interest towards him. Unfortunately, the following year, the student passed away and as you would guess Mr. Carter took his own time to attend the funeral and presented his parents with several copies of photos of this young man that Mr. Carter had taken of him for our Team Board. As he told me about this during our conversation of grief for this student, he stated this young man’s parents had never seen these photos and felt blessed to keep such a treasure of photographs. This is just another thoughtful, giving person to take the time and print these and bring to pay his respect to this young man’s family. The most impactful moment I have shared was an afternoon he put together a movie/popcorn event during our last period held in our auditorium. Somehow, he pulled off a newly released movie and as the students entered the auditorium the smell of fresh popped corn along with seeing Mr. Carter serving the slushies. These treats were made by our child nutrition department who Mr. Carter had talked into staying a little late to make them up, was such a great experience for our under privileged students. High expectations of their behavior were held by Mr. Carter as the students seemed proud to be a part of this moment in their high school experience. As this event ended and after he made sure each student was personally served fresh popcorn and a slushie he made sure the students cleaned up after themselves. When all the student cleared out, I saw Mr. Carter checking each row and hand picking dropped pieces of popcorn to make sure he left the auditorium clean. He grabbed the large popcorn popper and I held the door and I asked if it was his personal machine and he said “No ma’am it belongs to my church,” and they allowed him to borrow it. I feel Mr. Carter is a rarity, to be able to have such a profound teacher making a footprint on so many lives that he crosses. He has the knack of listening and has impeccable professionalism in all areas of curriculum and is dependable with all necessary duties. He expects the students’ best efforts and as a colleague his “can do attitude” rubs off on everyone he encounters. I truly feel blessed to be able to work with such a stellar teacher and I only wish for more folks to know about what a gem North Shore 9th has.

Catavia Clark Posted over a year ago

Chris you’re such an exquisite soul that always go over and beyond for anyone that you can.and even though you’re my lil cousin I look up to you.I am proud of you and everything that you represent and if anybody deserves this award you’re the first and last person I would think of….

Chelsea Norris Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is the epitome of what a leader should be. Since I started at NS9 a year ago, I worked under Mr. Carter as a "Team Delta" Biology teacher. From day one, he welcomed me with open arms and a great big smile. His passion for education, family, achievement, and mentorship has inspired me as an educator. With his constant support and wisdom, he is the best team leader and friend anyone could ask for. His warm and welcoming spirit makes education fun and hearing his past/current students rave about him shows just how amazing he is. I hope everyone in their lifetime gets to experience someone great like Mr. Christopher Carter. Thank you, Mr. Carter, for everything, continue to make an impact on the lives and souls you come across.

Carla Windfont Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter is an outstanding educator. As a strong English/Language Arts teacher, I have had the privilege of observing the individual support he provides to his students. Because of this, their essay-writing and communication skills are improved over one short academic year. Mr. Carter’s instructional strategies and specially designed instruction ensure equitable educational success for all students. The social and emotional safe-haven he provides in his classroom allows students to enjoy learning with a smile. In addition, his students do not run away from academic challenges because they know Mr. Carter is there to support them through the process.

Zahra cope Posted over a year ago

I have the privilege to work with Mr. Carter at Northshore 9‘s grade. I have seen how passionate he is in helping his students beyond academic. He is the most understanding, loving, and easy to talk to teacher and a colleague. Mr. Cater and I have worked together with many cases, and he leads with passion, compassion, and understanding, I love how consistent he is and helping his student succeed beyond academics. He always has a smile on his face and make sure that I know how grateful he is to work with me when you have a healthy environment to work, you are excited to come every day , and when I come through those doors, I know I’m working with the most amazing human being that I have ever met in my social work career.

Nicole Calleros Posted over a year ago

As a teacher who was new to the campus, it was such a blessing to be placed right across the hall from Mr. Carter because I was given an inside view of his classroom. Hearing him bring some of the texts we teach ALIVE for these kids, singing to them and praising them, and encouraging each one to set their goals high and reach for them was always such an incredible thing to bare witness to. I knew their was something different about Mr. Carter the moment I met him, but I remember vividly the first time I saw him with students because I remember thinking, "This man is living in his purpose." Our campus sets up a day before school really begins so that our freshman can come to school, see their schedules, find their classes, and meet their teachers. Most of us put together a syllabus and are excited to meet our kids, but Mr. Carter put us all to shame. Not only was he prepared to meet the students, but he was so excited to meet their families. He catered to these parents, and I do mean catered, because he set up a whole spread of fried chicken for them. Students and their families were able to break bread with him thus establishing a bond of trust and respect at a time when classes hadn't even begun yet. Furthermore, previous students and their families were welcome too! People were pouring in to reconnect with him, to catch him up on what they had done over the summer, to make sure he had a good summer too. And as I watched this man manage all these guests, his smile never wavering, his excitement for each guest so genuine, I was reminded of the power that lies within a true educator. People came and went, the hours passed, and never once did he have time to even sit down, yet it looked effortless. He knew what this moment meant for the students, for their parents, and he cared enough to make sure they saw that they were valued. The coolest moment though, and what I thought was truly remarkable, was when one student came in, and told him that she was applying for college this year, and she wanted him to know because she said she wouldn't have ever thought she could without him. I can picture that young woman's face, and the excitement and gratitude she felt. Words can't really express the profound impact he has made on his students and his peers, but I am so glad to see this nomination!

jamal madden Posted over a year ago

Christopher is special for a litany of reasons, many of which, I imagine, will be captured in other comments aptly. To me, Christopher is special because he gives us all the gift of a way in. One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is a way in. A way in to community, love, care, challenge, opportunity, safety, and reflection. And if you are blessed enough to know Christopher, a way in to your own heart and body. Imagine, if you could, a door 12ft away from you. You desire to walk through that door but in the 12ft between you and that door exists obstacles- all of them terribly menacing. Since I’ve known Christopher, I’ve witnessed him hold that door open while teaching people how to get through the obstacles. It’s stunning work to hold that door open, to offer a way in to infinite possibility, all while educating someone through a difficult process. In 12ft we walk through the door, and with Christopher’s support, traversing that dangerous 12ft is so much more possible.

Michael Gamero Posted over a year ago

“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these.” - George Washington Carver. I am blessed to have a mentor like Mr. Carter. I am a first year teacher and a coach and having someone like him has helped me develop into a fierce and tender individual. Mr. Carter has shared his story of how he started to pretty much accomplishing all he has now through hard work. He inspires the youth and as well as myself, he rightfully deserves this award not only because of his achievements but because all he does for the youth and his community. When he speaks he moves and encourages, when he leads, he brings honor to those who are above him, and when he serves he honors his Lord who has given him his gifts. I am proud to call him a mentor and friend. We're all proud.

Alan Hunt II Posted over a year ago

Chris has been a leader ever since I met him in undergrad. Wherever he goes he fosters community for all. Whether that’s his choir, classroom, or even with friends and family, Chris’s warm and inviting spirit unites people, even strangers. I’m amazed at how much he constantly juggles, and wonder when he has time to sleep, but he never makes excuses and always puts his best into whatever he does. It’s definitely a privilege to know him and witness all the great things he has accomplished so far. He’s impacted so many lives across the nation, from Michigan to Texas so many people are better because of their interaction with Chris, including me.

Calvin Carter Posted over a year ago

I am Christopher’s uncle and am pleased to write a note of support for my nephew for the LifeChanger of the year award. I have known Chris since he was born. When I think of chris, champions come to mind, such as Usain Bolt, world record holder in the 100 meter, 200 meter and the men’s 4 x 100 meters relay. Christopher is a team player and this has been evident to me over the years, including the Fact that he was elected Class President and gave the commencement address at his graduation ceremony from Cass Technical high school. That speech brought me to tears. He took an interest in music at an early age and I remember giving him a Keyboard. Within a short period of time he was forming a local choir, performing at various church and community events, including at whatever church he happened to attend. Like Husain Bolt , Chris seems to have looked at his life with a purpose in mind. It’s as if he left the starting blocks leaning forward at the beginning and is continuing towards the finish line non stop. He has changed many live by his example and I wholeheartedly support his nomination for the LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD.

Tyonna Martin Posted over a year ago

Following in my uncle Christopher’s foot steps and always listening to his words allowed me to not only get through high school but continue on the college. As I enter my senior year at Harris-Stowe State university my uncle has shown me that no matter where I come from and no matter what I do always put forth my best effort and my most compassionate feelings. He helps me breakdown the aspects of my future to easily guide me to where I desire to be in life. He has taught me that everyone around me deserves to experience a great life and deserves the best

Richard l. Carter Posted over a year ago

I have known Christopher, for many years, he has always been a well centered, and inspiring person. This was instilled in him by his Mom and Dad, as a young person approaching experiencing adulthood. Chris is motivated by the passing of older sister who provided him with an example of what greatness is and wii continue to be. As one of our uncles put it “he is built up like that”. From uncle Richard l. Carter.

Robert Carter Posted over a year ago

Keep up the good work Chris love you

Kristian Hanna Posted over a year ago

If I’d been asked in person if Christopher was a “life changer”, my initial response would be to chuckle. I would immediately follow by asking very emphatically, “have you not met him!?” Chris has the ability to walk into a room and immediately change the entire mood for the better. To be able to enter an unknown environment, know very little about the issues that may/may not be present in that environment, but still manage to encourage positivity and productivity is an enviable skill. A skill that Chris undeniably has. I met Christopher in 2015 at Bowling Green State University through a concert choir that he directed. We developed a friendship that was mutually beneficial, but I often feel as though that I’m the lucky one. My time at BGSU saw its difficulties; I was at a new school, and was also adjusting to American culture as I was an international student. My friendship with Chris exposed me to a degree of tolerance and acceptance that I never knew that I had. I learnt patience, discipline, courage, commitment, and selflessness. There were times when I found him to be intense, but through well-needed maturing, I quickly learned that he knew exactly what he was doing- he never pushed anyone further than he knew they were capable of handling. I left BGSU and the US nearly 7 years ago, and while I’ve always found myself to be pragmatic and an over-achiever, those things mean nothing without active tenacity. My life changing lesson from Chris (?)- comfort does not always equate to success. If, in fact, you can identify room for growth in your life or another’s, stop at nothing to make that happen.

Nina Scott Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter is a young man who has a vision. He has dedicated his life to helping people. His skills in music and his teaching skills are the tools He uses to meet people where they are, help them to see their potential and then He helps the to reach heights that they may have thought were beyond their reach. Chris is an amazing young man who gives without expecting renumeration and helps people achieve joy in their lives. He is truly a life changer and a blessing from God.

IMMAAUEL C DONALDSON Posted over a year ago

A great son a great leader a visionary And a teacher to all young people

Quest Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter is a great influence on others life including mine he has been there when times were hard and he is a life changer he has helped other become successful and really cares for all his students and that’s why we love him. I love Mr carter.????

Charlotte Terrell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Carter is passionate about service to people. He is a life changer because he uses the resources he has, or can obtain, to make life better for his family, community, and world at large! Mr. Carter works tirelessly to educate and motivate young people; he empowers the masses with his generosity, kindness, and drive!

Diana Fant Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Chris I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I’ve known you all of your life and you have never disappointed. You’ve achieved so much, but I know this is not the last accomplishment you’ve got because you are going to keep going UP!!!??

Natasha Gatson Posted over a year ago

When I first saw Mr. Carter for meet the teacher, I said to myself, “My child will be ok this year.” It was something about his presence. I could tell he genuinely had love for teaching and children. It takes a special person to accommodate different personalities, and Mr. Carter is that PERSON. Very understanding and a great listener. He has been very supportive of my child, and he is now a part of my village.

Brandon Chacon Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter, from the first day I met him, I could tell what an amazing person he was. I had hoped with all my heart to be on his team during my first year teaching and it couldn’t have been any better. With constant support, mentoring, and empathy, I couldn’t my first two years in education have been amazing thanks to Mr. Carter’s constant wisdom, support, and leadership. During my two years in education I felt as though I can achieve anything because of what I have learned from not only a mentor but one of my closest friends.

James Gooden Posted over a year ago

Chris Carter is a magnificent musician and director. He has been pivotal with his leadership in Voices of Houston and the preservation of the Art of the Negro Spiritual. His warm and engaging personality makes it easy to follow him on this musical journey. During my vocal career, I have been blessed to have performed with many conductors and choral directors. Chris is by far one of the best, and any organization will be blessed to have him leading their ensembles.

Amanda Posted over a year ago

Christopher Carter is one of the most extraordinary men woolen I have ever met. He goes above and beyond for his students and his community. He leaves every person he interacts with better than he found them. He is a person of great purpose and passion and is overall incredible!