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Jackson Long

Position: Theatre Arts Teacher
School: Westlake High School
School District: Charles County Public Schools
City, State: Waldorf, MD

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Jackson Long was nominated by Darienne Savoy, a student.

Mr. Long is a LifeChanger because of the connection he forms with his students. Savoy has had Mr. Long as a teacher for two years, and as a director of the after school drama club for three years. Mr. Long shows on a daily basis that he truly does care for his students. If his students are upset, he will do whatever is in his power to make sure they feel better by the time they leave his class. He will make sure they get their work done, but in a way that doesn't seem forceful. He knows their potential and wants them to fulfill it. Mr. Long treats his students like family. That's why he's a LifeChanger in his community. In today's society, we need more people like Mr. Long!