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Angela Koch

Position: Science Teacher
School: Arrowhead Union High School
School District: Arrowhead Union High School District
City, State: Hartland, WI

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Angela Koch was nominated by an anonymous student.

"Moving to North Campus at Arrowhead High School was a big step. I did not know what to expect walking into my junior chemistry class for the first time. I could only think about my impending failure in this class and how challenging it would be for me," said the student.

"I walk in the door and see a bright smiling face. Mrs. Koch stands before me," said the student. "As I sit down, a lot of my anxiousness dies down. Just in the presence of Mrs. Koch, I was calmer. She created a calm and inviting environment. Barely any teacher has been able to provide that for me before."

"As the semester went on, my mental health took a toll—especially one weekend. I had to say goodbye to my childhood pet and had a circulation of family issues. I missed school that Monday, just trying to put myself together. I was stressed about a quiz we had in chemistry the next day," said the student.

"As I cried at home, I sent Mrs. Koch a long email explaining what was happening. I feel bad for sending that email because she would've been at home with her kids and not probably wanting to worry about only one of her 200 students that she has every day," said the student. "About an hour later, I feel a vibration next to me. I pick up my phone to see an email response from Mrs. Koch. She explained how she was sorry for my situation and granted me more time with the school work. Reading this email, I felt a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it was relieving to me then."

"Trying to get back on track with my work at times was difficult. I couldn't understand the topics being taught, and overall, my grade suffered. With low motivation, I could not see the good in pushing forward. When I started to work with Mrs. Koch more personally, it almost opened me to a new level of chemistry. It may not have seemed like I knew what was happening, but she could grasp that understanding in my brain so quickly," said the student.

"Even though my grades weren't perfect at all times, I could understand what I was being taught. Thank you, Mrs. Koch, for teaching me and being a teacher I could open up to. You showed me a different way to see the work and made me like a class that I truly thought I was going to hate, said the student.