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Brian Corry

Position: Physics Teacher / Science Department Chairperson
School: Arrowhead Union High School
School District: Arrowhead Union High School District
City, State: Hartland, WI

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Brian Corry was nominated by an anonymous student.

"In most high schoolers' minds, physics is a dull subject. It's the class you don't want to go to. If you skipped school because of a class, it would probably be physics. I wasn't that negative going into my sophomore physics class because I knew I could do everything I needed to. I just knew I would find the class boring and not very engaging," said the student.

"That's where I was wrong. In reality, AP Physics 1 with Mr. Corry was one of the most engaging classes I've had here at Arrowhead Union High School. It all started on the first day of the class. I found the first assignments he gave us difficult for some reason, even though they were supposed to be reviewed. I didn't think much of that then, except that the class would be challenging. As it went on, I found the class very hard. However, Mr. Corry made a rather dull topic always interesting. He would always talk to us about something completely unrelated to class (Taylor Swift, almost always), then decide it was time to start class. Then, Mr. Corry would show us a difficult concept we would have to try on the homework. When I (quite often) wouldn't get it right away, he would always walk me through the assignment from the night before to make sure I understood," said the student.

"Everyone who had him knew that the best part of his class was the students trying to make him talk as much as possible about Taylor Swift instead of whatever he was trying to teach. Some days he would take it easy and let us have fun with him. The best part of that class was how he made it engaging and fun while still providing a big challenge and teaching us the concepts better than we needed to know them so we could easily pass the AP test. I always walked out of the quizzes and tests thinking about how hard they were, but I still wanted to attend class every day. I never thought something like physics would be interesting, but Mr. Corry changed that," said the student.