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Naomi Fulton

Position: Math Teacher
School: Arrowhead Union High School
School District: Arrowhead Union High School District
City, State: Hartland , WI

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Naomi Fulton was nominated by an anonymous student.

"I have never been the best at math. I would say I'm about average. So coming into junior year, I was very nervous about what my functions class would be like. On September 1, 2022, I walked into my 2nd-period functions class. Mrs. Fulton said, 'Good morning, team.' Thoughts were going through my head, like, 'Did she say team? I have never had a teacher call their class a team.' That moment changed me for my semester. It made me feel the importance of the teacher and that they are here to make us smarter and teach life lessons," said the student.

"Mrs. Fulton is one of the funniest teachers I have ever met, from trying to learn new slang to telling silly stories of her children. She always has a little joke or pun on the board every morning when you walk in and puts a smile on your face. But as a teacher, Mrs. Fulton teaches kids to know themselves as learners and gives them a lot of freedom so that they learn best. She is a true mentor, and any students she has had can agree that her main goals when teaching are to put a smile on the students' faces and make them excited to return to her class the next day when they leave. I also love how interactive she is with the other students she teaches and me, too," said the student.

"The best thing about her class is that even if you are having a bad day or not feeling like doing math, she helps. She cares, and she gets it. Mrs. Fulton is a great teacher because she realizes teenagers' stress and busy schedules, and she helps kids and gives them time to do their homework in class if they don't have time out of school. Mrs. Fulton motivates her students to do more, like going out for sports, joining clubs, and taking more advanced math classes. Mrs. Fulton cares about her students and loves her job; that makes her the best teacher," said the student.