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Anthony Christian

Position: Technology Engineering and Manufacturing Teacher
School: Arrowhead Union High School
School District: Arrowhead Union High School District
City, State: Hartland, WI

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Anthony Christian was nominated by three students. The following profile contains text from each nomination.

"Mr. Christian is one of the funniest teachers, but he also makes you feel like you belong somewhere," said one student. "I remember my first time in metals when I was a junior. I sat down in a random seat because it was the first day of the school year, as all his classes were two semesters long. He would always start by saying good morning or afternoon to everyone, depending on the time. It could be 11:59 AM, and Mr. Christian would say good morning."

"Mr. Christian would tease anyone and make you laugh, too, as laughter is helpful to a good work environment. Mr. Christian is also very respectful towards students as long as you respect him," said the student. "Mr. Christian's teasing and joking manner also make you want to return and learn more. He teaches you what a good work ethic is and that as long as you try, you will pass, as the most you can ask a person is to try."

"Mr. Christian also doesn't hold back any punches. He will tell you about his displeasure with the class attitude and the lack of a good work ethic. But as my favorite comedian, Gabreal Gazailis, or Fluffy, as most people know him says to his son, 'If he can't handle me raising my voice, then he is not ready for a world that doesn't care about his feelings,'" said the student.

"Mr. Christian makes you feel like you belong by making you feel at home. My dad teases me a lot, and Mr. Christian will tease you, too, so you get this feeling of home. When I walked into Arrowhead, I didn't feel like I belonged and was only here because my friends went there. That all changed when I went into Mr. Christian's class," said the student.

"I had Mr. Christian junior year for Metals and then senior year for Warhawk Manufacturing. Warhawk Manufacturing is a class offered at Arrowhead High School for students interested in manufacturing and business. It is a student-run business where we make, sell, and advertise everything, and we get to keep our profits. Ever since the first day of class I had with him, I could tell he cared about his students," said another student. 

"One time during junior year, I struggled with a few welds, and they were bringing my grade down. Mr. Christian sat with me, entered my booth, and showed me how to do them correctly. After a few more tries, I got all the welds right and got a check plus (the best you can get) on a few. This experience taught me valuable lessons like not giving up when something is hard, and if you are persistent, you will eventually succeed," said the student.

"This year, for the Warhawk Manufacturing class, he ensures that each student is on task and doing what they should. He uses the analogy that if your paddle isn't in the water and you aren't doing your part, you aren't helping the rest of your team. He always does his best to ensure everyone's paddle is in the water and everyone is doing their best to help each other. For us to be successful, the teachers have to step back and give us some freedom and the ability to take responsibility for our actions. Although he gives us our freedom, whenever there is a "bottleneck" in the company, he always sits the class down together, and we discuss the problems to create the best solution," said the student.

"Along with being a great instructor, he is also a good person. During my junior year, he asked if any students were looking to work in the manufacturing industry, and I raised my hand. After discussing possible places of employment, we found one that seemed reasonable. In only a few days, I was hired at Wisconsin Stamping and Manufacturing. I have been working there for just under a year. As a result, I have met many good people and have received many different opportunities to learn and become more knowledgeable from people who have worked in the industry their whole lives. From both Mr. Christian and my job, I found my desired career path, and I could not be more thankful for that," said the student.

"I started my high school experience just trying to stay low. I took the required classes and art classes—nothing crazy or out of my comfort zone. My brothers were the hard-working type. They took the shop classes at our school, and they loved them. They raved about the teachers that they had. I had yet to have that experience with a teacher," said another student.

"My brothers all encouraged me to take a shop class. They said, 'It's real-life experience that will benefit you.' For a while, I was hesitant even to try it. But in the winter, when I had to sign up for my senior courses, I chose Woods Production 1. I was scared to walk in on the first day. I expected the teacher to have high expectations for my brothers, who were well-known in the shop courses. When the teacher, Mr. Christian (Mr. C), called my name, he saw my last name and smiled," said the student.

"When most teachers heard my last name, they asked about my brothers and not much about me. Mr. C took his time getting to know me and asked about my life. He taught in a way that made him seem like a real person, not just a teacher you see in a classroom. He treats you like an adult and expects respect in return," said the student.

"I've had conversations with him about things going on in my life and his life that I don't think I would have had with another teacher. He shows he's interested and genuinely cares," said the student. "He encourages me to ask for help, double-check my work, and learn from my mistakes. He has taught me to be confident in my work and what hard work looks like, and how it can pay off."

"Mr. C has been very understanding and treated other students and me like their own person. He didn't see my last name and expected me to be like my brothers. He saw me as me and encouraged me to continue to be myself," said the student.

"His words of encouragement have meant the world to me—more than he'd know. He shows up to school daily with a smirk and a good attitude, even when he has stuff going on in his life. Walking into his classroom, I know I am accepted and valued," said the student.