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Stephanie Foresta

Position: Calculus AB and Pre-Calculus Teacher
School: Sierra Vista High School
School District: Clark County School District
City, State: Las Vegas , NV

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Stephanie Foresta was nominated by her student, Alex Contreras.    

According to Contreras, Ms. Foresta demonstrates everything a LifeChanger should be. She has made a beneficial difference in in the lives of her students because she is always putting their needs before her own. Whether it's by staying after school to finish grading, handing back test corrections, or tutoring for free on a Saturday, Ms. Foresta is always willing to help.

"I've never had a teacher so invested in her students the same way Ms. Foresta was; she made me want to work hard and improve," Contreras said.

Ms. Foresta also has the ability to improve her school's atmosphere. Her school recently gave classes a set of Yondr pouches, which lock students' phones until the end of class. Ms. Foresta sets an example by placing her phone inside the pouch as well to create a positive atmosphere and follow the rules. 

She has achieved excellent performance within her classes. Last year, all her calculus students passed the AP exam. Her class average was significantly above the state and national averages for students taking the exam. 

"Personally, I feel like I can go to Ms. Foresta for anything and everything, and she's proven that we can," Contreras said. "She will help us when we're struggling with grasping a concept, or when we have a personal problem. Whatever the case may be, she has always been there. She does such a good job creating a nurturing atmosphere that her room is always filled with students."

Ms. Foresta has high morals and ethical standards which she practices in her classroom on a daily basis. To ensure students don't cheat, she will create multiple versions of a test, change the test from the previous year, and separate desks to give each student more room. She wants each student to earn their grade themselves, rather than take credit for someone else's work.

"I'm proud to have a teacher like this because in the long run, these are the things that will help me through the rest of my education and my career," Contreras said. "I could keep listing thousands of ways as to why Ms. Foresta should be the LifeChanger of the Year, but I would never stop typing. In my opinion, Ms. Foresta is already a LifeChanger; I just hope others can see it as well."

Comments (2)

Skylar Sanborn Posted over a year ago

I agree!!!! I love Ms. Foresta and all she does for us. She really does try so hard for us and she really is a LifeChanger. She has made me realize I want to be a teacher just like her. She inspires me and motivates me to be my very best.

Jordan Wilke Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Foresta is the best teacher I have ever had. She is nice and smart and helps in every way she can. She stays hours after school grading tests just so we know our grades as soon as possible. She also stays after on some Saturdays to help us study for the AP Exam. Ms. Foresta is one of the best teachers of all time and deserves not just to be a LifeChanger of the Year, but a LifeChanger of the Century