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Janice Coe

Position: Manager, Exceptional Student Education
School: The School District of Palm Beach County
School District: The School District of Palm Beach County
City, State: West Palm Beach, FL

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Janice Coe was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"What I admire in people I know is their way of seeing life from a realistic perspective," said the nominator. "Not that I know a lot of those gems, not at all, but I know a handful who light their own light to share with others."

Ms. Coe has a cheerful outlook on her happiness; her way of treating her employees and the target of her work would inspire anyone skeptical about the good we have inside and the good we can give and do to others. She once said that a happy leader contributes to a much better work environment, which is the secret in the workplace and any place we choose to go.

"Janice works with the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students, who have needs beyond the money/funds we have available to provide a better environment, educational opportunity, and a positive, safe space for their development as human beings," said the nominator. "We take trips to the schools that offer services for those students. During those tours, Janice proudly walks around the classes, showing us how much we improved and what else we could do to improve students' experiences. We can see from how she carries herself how important her job and those students are to her."

"I wish we could have a Janice in every corner, school, and community. In this not-so-easy life adventure each of us is in, our ride will be a little smoother, surrounded by people who care," said the nominator. "And Janice Coe takes the cake – as she is the epitome of who a person/co-worker and boss should be! She is doing her part to improve those students' lives, providing them with opportunities for growth. She is already a winner!"