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Caity Grant

Position: Teacher
School: North Heights Alternative School
School District: Amarillo Independent School District
City, State: Amarillo, TX

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Caity Grant was nominated by her cousin, Kathryn Kelman.

Ms. Grant has gone above and beyond for people. For the last three years of her teaching career, out of thirteen, she has been at an alternative school. While there, Ms. Grant has taught multiple different grade levels, as well as content. For example, she has been the English as a Second Language Teacher, Language Proficiency Assessment Committee Coordinator, SPED Teacher, and more. Ms. Grant has also been English Department Head, served on Testing and TEKS committees in Austin with TEA, been a top three finalist for secondary teacher of the year for her district, and was recently nominated for the Bob Ashworth Service Award, being recognized over thousands for what she does for students daily. Ms. Grant has been with the new comprehensive high school program since its start.

With Ms. Grant's help, she and her colleagues have helped almost 600 students to date receive a high school diploma, despite staffing and funding challenges. Without her and her co-workers, these students probably never would have been able to have this accomplishment.

At North Heights, Ms. Grant has been many students' stand-in parent, cheerleader, and mentor while providing shelter, food, and clothing, usually at her own expense. She has also donated and raised money through donations and hosting garage sales, many times with her own personal items, to fund things people view as simple, like caps and gowns, so kids will get to experience their senior year like any other senior.

"I have never seen her give up on a kid, even when they have given up on themselves due to setbacks, death, and many other life-altering situations," said Kelman. "My cousin advocates for students and their educational right to learn. In three years, she has impacted roughly 600 students' lives, not to mention the lives of her co-workers she enriches too. If that isn't a LifeChanger, I don't know what is."

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Jerrod Bishop Posted 2 months ago

Caity is a great teacher. She truly cares about every student that she teaches. Caity goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students everyday.

Stuart N Tammy Riggs Posted 2 months ago

I can still remember a fun energetic 16 old young lady Ms Caitlyn Grant bouncing through my front doors at the Body Shop needing help many of moons ago with a wrecked vehicle.. And since then this beautiful young lady has grown into one of our communities most loved, valued and adored blessings... Paying it forward wrapped in loving arms is our Ms Caity Bug with a beautiful smile most definitely! I personally couldn’t have felt more loved and thought of during my heart attack, open heart surgery along with many months of recovery by this guardian Angel 10 years ago. Many of students have gone on to succeed in this cruel and unpredictable world by Caity believing in them and always going an extra mile with each of them when needed!! And many of them accomplishing great things in life because she took the time to share the Lord’s wonderful blessings and unwavering love... We want to thank Ms Caitlyn for the many hours unselfishly given back to her community and steadfast praying over each and everyone of her students lives and success. We couldn’t count the many of dollars donated from each paycheck along her hours helping her students get to the finish line ~ Graduation! Yes ma’am you are a LifeChanger and it shines with God’s love

Lita Barraza Posted 3 months ago

Caity's passion and dedication to education are evident throughout her daily interactions with students. She goes above and beyond to make sure the students at North Heights Alternative feel special and motivated to succeed beyond high school. Her ability to build rapport and relationships with all students is the pinnacle of her success. It's blessing to work alongside Caity and to watch her shine everyday.

Josie Posted 3 months ago

Ms.Grant is one of the best teachers i have had throughout the years, she genuinely cares about students and what they go through even out of school. I look forward to coming to school just to see her and have one of our daily conversations. She has supported me in the classroom and even out of the class, i talk to her about how my family is and she does the same and gives me advice and helps me look on the bright side. Shes no normal teacher but that what's so genuine about her, and i am so grateful shes my teacher this year!

Eric Herrera Posted 4 months ago

Caity is an amazing teacher. She loves her students and goes above and beyond to make sure that her students needs are met.

Allison Longenecker Posted 4 months ago

I grew up in a household of educators, and had a pretty good idea that was something I would also do with my life. When I began to persue my career in education, I had a very strong idea of what type of educator I wanted to be. Caity changed that for me, and I am so thankful that she did. I have worked with Caity for the last four years, and in that time, she has shown me ways to reach and educate kids that I never would've imagined, let alone thought of. Each year she leaves me speechless with her level of dedication and passion for her campus and students, but more importantly, the love she shows each student that walks through the door. In the last four years, Caity has been a crucial member of our program and campus. She has educated students that range from Freshmen to recovering drop outs that were a few years younger than her. In the last four years, Caity has given the gift of knowledge as well as opportunity to over 600 (will be over 800 after this year's graduating class), people. She has literally changed lives for the better. If there was anyone that would be what this award encompasses, and an overall perfect fit, it would be Caity. I'm blessed to see her change lives daily. I don't know if I've told her, but I'm so thankful to also be one of the lives she has changed for the better and for good.

Landen Garcia Posted 4 months ago

Ms. Grant has been with me throughout the whole year and i have not quit coming to school and neither has she. She's usually here in the mornings to open doors sometimes and she is always attentive of her students and gives help when you need it. Ms. Grant has been a good teacher, and i hope you have a good rest of 2024.

Daishean Woodside Posted 4 months ago

I've had Ms.Grant as a english teacher for two months, and she has taught me a lot more than your average would. When i don't feel confident or have an excuse about not knowing something Ms.Grant sets me straight with encouragement and sharing her hardest times also. Ms.Grant has been respectful, always willing to help and wants you to always work your hardest no matter the circumstance.

Reina Reyes Posted 4 months ago

i've had Ms.Grant as my english teacher since November, shes been helping me everyday i had her, to be successful. Ms.Grant would entertain me with stories and but also make it educational, through her i've learned about many things school itself never taught me, truth be told school should teach it. Shes an intelligent woman to say the least. As a student here i see how hardworking she is. Her character is so rare to find in today’s society, someone whose blunt with an intelligent demeanor. I believe she could make a change if she were heard and people didn't take everything to heart, her outlook on the world is nothing different from what everyone else wishes for the next generation.

John Civis Posted 5 months ago

I have known Ms. Grant in a variety of ways over many years. As a student when she was in high school and a teacher on two high school campuses within Amarillo ISD. She has always been a goal setter, not only for herself but for every student that enters through her door. She believes that every student can and will be successful that she works with. She does this through her relationship building, how she provides praise and reteaching when students need it so that the student benefits towards greater understanding. She is sometimes a mom, a sister or just a mentor to her students. She has been driven and committed to improve the lives of her students she works garage sales to help provide students with needs that otherwise wouldn't be available for them. She authentically relates with her students though her experiences growing up. She is a true LifeChanger in all she does for all her students.

Cat Vance Posted 5 months ago

Caitlyn Grant; I always smile when I hear that name. I have known Caity since my very first “official” year of teaching. I remember watching, observing, and learning amazing “out of the box” student connection strategies, lesson planning strategies, and let’s be honest…even “people-ing” strategies. I’ve always admired Caity’s authenticity and genuine love and connections she shares with her students. She, for most of her students, has become “home”. Their safe place, their place of growth, their place of love and nurturing, even…their place for food, clothes…a blanky on cold days for those extra big, 6’3” teddy bears who can’t see past their shaggy hair walk into her classroom. Caity is a LIFE CHANGER to say the least! She changes the lives of students each and every day, year after year. For me, Caity IS the LIFE CHANGER. I should know best. She changed my own life, professionally, personally, even mentally. For that, I will always be indebted to her and hope that one day I can be the change in so many others lives as Ms. Grant, so effortlessly and graciously does.

Sarah Love Posted 5 months ago

Caity is a tenacious and passionate teacher. She loves what she does and desires all of her students to succeed. She loves watching her kids grow and strives to give them the best of herself each morning.

Maricela Leal Posted 5 months ago

Caitlyn Grant, a luminary in the field of education, is the epitome of a LifeChanger, leaving an indelible mark on both her students and the community. With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, Caitlyn has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to create transformative learning experiences, tailored to the unique strengths and needs of her students. Her lessons are not mere instruction but deliberate endeavors to ignite passion and engagement, fostering a love for learning. What sets Caitlyn apart is her unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers to education. Through annual garage sales fueled by the generosity of her network, she ensures that no financial obstacle hinders a student's path to graduation. This commitment extends beyond monetary contributions; Caitlyn's strategic understanding of educational laws empowers her to navigate legal complexities, opening doors for students who were once deemed academically unreachable. Caitlyn's impact extends beyond the academic realm. Emerging from her own challenging background, she authentically connects with students from diverse walks of life. Her journey from adversity to success serves as an inspiration, creating an environment where students feel seen, heard, and understood. Caitlyn's compassion goes beyond the classroom; it's a force for positive change in the lives of those she touches. In recognizing Caitlyn Grant, one not only celebrates an exceptional educator but a compassionate advocate who tirelessly works to ensure that every student has the opportunity to thrive. She embodies the qualities of a true LifeChanger, and her contributions are deserving of the highest acclaim. Caitlyn Grant is not just an educator; she is a beacon of hope and transformation, embodying the spirit of the LifeChanger of the Year award.

Stephanie Johnson Posted 5 months ago

Caity works tirelessly to help all students succeed. She will arrive at school at 6 am or stay until 7 or later to help a student. She understands at risk students! They do not always follow a traditional school day due to jobs, family responsibilities or having a child of their own. Babysitters can be hard to find. Katy will work on weekend and go to any length to make sure students are sale and have a place to stay. She has impacted so many students and other teachers with her deep compassion. Caity is changing the world everyday! We need more Caity’s in the world!

Margarita Zuniga Posted 5 months ago

Caity is an amazing person in and out. She loves to work with students and anyone who wants to learn, she goes above and beyond of her job.

Gary Thomason Posted 5 months ago

Caity is an innovative teacher and a great advocate for our students. She always does what's best for kids.

Haley Villarreal Posted 5 months ago

Caity is the definition of a LifeChanger! The one year I worked with her she left a lasting impression for a lifetime! She brought life to teaching English to at risk students and made sure students were always excited and engaged in their learning. She works hard to build relationships with students that leave a lasting impression. Students are lucky to have her and staff are lucky to learn from her!

Suzy Womack Posted 5 months ago

Caitlyn not only is an advocate for her students, but comes to the aid of teachers when called upon. She is always putting others first. She is definitely a LifeChanger.

Matty Williams Posted 6 months ago

Caitlyn helped me through some rough patches in high school and in reality. She is the sweetest and caring person you'll ever meet. She listens and gives positive feedback, in and out of school topics. Caity is a life changer and puts many smiles on everyone's faces. She's a hard worker and a great friend. Thank you Caity! You deserve this! Love ya.

Aletha Posted 6 months ago

Caity and I have worked together for years. I have watched her dedication to her students and her craft. She is an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend. My niece has taken private dance lessons from her, and I watched her show immediate improvement. I have seen this happen with her English students as well. Caity has a way of breaking down concepts into bite-sized chunks that helps her students understand deeply what she is teaching. She pulls students aside, finds their strengths, and uses their strengths to build up their weaknesses. She is amazing to watch! She is a true example of a LifeChanger.

Terri Morgan Posted 8 months ago

I was Caitlyn's sophomore English teacher. Even as a student, Caitlyn was a leader in both the classroom and in the school. Group projects where she was a member were always well organized and done extremely well. In those groups, Caitlyn was a motivator and a cheerleader. She required only the best from herself and led by example. I am not in the least bit surprised that she continues to be a leader and an exemplary educator.