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Cynthia Hopkins

Position: Seventh Grade Science Teacher
School: Harold C. Kaffie Middle School
School District: Corpus Christi Independent School District
City, State: Corpus Christi, TX

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Music that Describes Cynthia

Cynthia Hopkins was nominated by a student, Jacob Hopkins.

An exceptional educator is someone who goes above and beyond in their role, striving to positively impact their students' lives, which is Dr. Hopkins. She has a deep passion for teaching and is dedicated to students' academic, personal, and social success. Her classroom is full of students before and after school learning how to collaborate, communicate, and create. She teaches them how to code robots, fly drones, build towers, create presentations, etc. Then she lets them explore, create new things, and go beyond her teaching.

She is patient, empathetic, and has excellent communication skills. She effectively explains complex ideas in a way her students can understand and relate to. Dr. Hopkins also takes the time to listen to her students' concerns and offers support and guidance when needed.

Moreover, she always looks for ways to improve her teaching methods and is committed to lifelong learning, which is why she is a LifeChanger. She is innovative and adaptable and constantly seeks to enhance her skills and knowledge to serve her students better. She has a Ph.D. and still takes courses from different universities to learn more, meet all her students where they are, and help them learn to meet her high expectations.

"Overall, Dr. Hopkins has a positive impact on her students' lives, not just in the short but the long run," said Hopkins. "She inspires her students to become better people and achieve their full potential. How do I know this - I was her student! She is incredible. Help me let her know how much by choosing her a LifeChanger award. She changed my life and inspired me to continue with my education. I just finished my last year in my Ph.D. program in geospatial computer science. Thank you, Dr. Hop!"