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Christa Willingham

Position: English Language Arts Teacher
School: Temple High School
School District: Carroll County
City, State: Temple, GA

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Christa Willingham was nominated by multiple students. 

Mrs. Willingham is a LifeChanger because of her hard work and support for all her students. She's kind, helpful, and diligent even with tasks that are not the most enjoyable. Mrs. Willingham has such a joyful spirit and can make anyone smile. She is always happy and gives her students something to look forward to in their days. Mrs. Willingham's students are thankful for her and her radiating positivity. Mrs. Willingham is a true LifeChanger to all individuals she crosses paths with. 

"Mrs. Willingham was there to guide me to success. She helped me understand that it's okay to make mistakes. She taught me how to love myself again and enjoy life by finding things I love the most and including them daily," stated a student.

"She is incredibly down to earth, wise, and kind. She understands everyone's time, teaches our standards efficiently, and uses unique methods that promote student involvement for better understanding," another student stated. 

With an abundance of skillfully managed debates and lively class discussions, she has a remarkable ability to create an atmosphere in her class that genuinely feels like a safe haven. While fulfilling the role of advisor, she seamlessly transitioned into a trusted friend yet maintained a clear boundary as a professional. The evidence of her effectiveness as a teacher is unequivocally reflected in her students' remarkable academic scores. She serves as a radiant beacon, brightening the day of anyone who looks at her, irrespective of any personal struggles she may be facing. This sentiment resonates with numerous individuals.

She brings her English classes to life so students can have fun while learning. Mrs. Willingham has put so much effort into showing her students that they can do anything when they put their minds to it. She makes writing a task her students look forward to doing.

"In the past, I never really liked writing because it was always based on something I wasn't interested in, but Mrs. Willingham has provided me with amazing opportunities that have changed my whole outlook on writing. She has welcomed me with open arms, and I will miss her so much," stated another student.

Mrs. Willingham's exceptional teaching prowess has consistently benefited her students, and she will undoubtedly forge meaningful connections with future students fortunate enough to be under her guidance.