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Suvani Rodriguez

Position: Reading Teacher / Latino in Action Coordinator
School: Lake Buena Vista High School
School District: Orange County Public Schools
City, State: Orlando, FL

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Suvani Rodriguez was nominated by her colleague, Gordana Petrusic.

Ms. Rodriguez is a mentor, teacher, leader, and advocate for students. She has been through a rough life herself, but that hasn't stopped the smiles and support she provides and gives to her family, students, and community. With her Latinos in Action club, Ms. Rodriguez supports local elementary schools, communities, those in need, and many more.

Comments (16)

Jose Saldivia Posted 11 months ago

i love ms rodiguez shes the best ms ever, always going to be remembered as the best teacher

Pedro Barreto Posted 11 months ago

She’s a great teacher, my daughter lover her! Very dedicated to her job and to the kids. Really appreciate her as my daughters teacher.

Joreiliz Ocasio Dania Posted 11 months ago

Best teacher in the world. If it wasn’t for her I would be where I am now.

Camille Florian Posted 11 months ago

Well deserved!

Mariana Quintero Posted 11 months ago

Ms Rodriguez, in addition to being a great human being, is an excellent professional, she does her job impeccably but in a fun way and motivates others to get ahead. Everyone at school loves her and she always has that spirit of joy that makes everyone the best of themselves.

Isabella Posted 11 months ago

The best teacher I have ever had, she truly cares about her students and has helped so many of us

Niccolle Silva Posted 11 months ago

she’s the best teacher i ever had, she’s so patient, she’s kind with everyone, and she really care about all her students, she’s always there for you.

Jhonieska Navarro Posted 11 months ago

best teacher I’ve had , her goal is to connect and motivate her kids as there own and she over achieved that last year with all of us

Glorimar Posted 11 months ago

Miss Rodriguez is the best teacher I have ever met in my 12 years of school, her hard work and dedication have really made a difference in my life and every student's life she has had. She was always there to help me when I needed it and believed in me even when I did not. I could not have passed my exams without her guidance and support. I will always remember the lessons she taught me and carry them with me throughout my life. She has had a lasting impact on me and I am so grateful for that. I know she will continue to inspire and motivate his students for years to come.

Camila Posted 11 months ago

Mi ángel de la guarda y la mejor profesora ever!!! Miss Rodríguez es una de las profesoras más empaticas y profesionales que he conocido, sin duda alguna sus métodos de enseñanza y fe hicieron que hoy en día tenga mi high school diploma y sea lo soy hoy…Gracias por ser mi segunda mamá y un ángel en esta tierra!!

Meldy Posted 11 months ago

Ms. Rodriguez is an exceptional teacher. She hasn’t been my teacher since I’ve graduated in 2020, but she is a someone that I will never forget because she wasn’t only my teacher, she was my role model, mentor, a confidant and a friend. She loves & cares for her student as if they were her own children. Ive never had a favorite teacher until I met her because she showed me that being a teacher was more than being an educator, they are our guides in navigating us on our correct path of our lives in school, outside of school & most importantly when you are no longer in high school. If anyone deserves to win LifeChanger Of The Year, it would be Ms. Suvani Rodriguez!

Enelida Serrano Posted 11 months ago

Congratulations Suvani! We’ve seen you in action since day one, no fear to reach for the moon and the stars advocating for your students and your own children to reach there goals and become better people during these unstable life issues. You have been a winner in my eyes.

venus Posted 11 months ago

la mejor!!

Valentina G Posted 11 months ago

As a graduate from Lake Buena Vista High School and a past member of her club and class of LIA, I'm so delighted to see Ms. Rodriguez, one of the best teachers at Lake Buena Vista High School, nominated for teacher of the year. She is an outstanding person and the best educator I had during my High school years. She helped me and many others to become leaders and to always try our best at everything we do. Im so thankful that I had Ms. Rodriguez by my side in my senior year. She made the best out of every situation, and she always reminded us to never give up and to look forward. I believe everyone deserves the privilege of having a teacher like her, but not many can, so me and my class are very proud that we had the support of Ms. Rodriguez!

Laura B Posted 11 months ago

The absolute best teacher ever! Most caring person, and most creative for sure. Not only very smart but also emotionally available for her students. She’s awesome, and I’m sure everyone would agree.

Enyalet Vargas Posted 11 months ago

la mejor sin lugar a duda!!